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Review about Mysecretfling

I saw as a pop up I think ? last December 2017. Thinking it was just another dating website I joined posted a photo and wrote a profile. Before I knew it I was receiving emails from all over Australia, from women some mostly complaining they wanted to cheat on their husbands as they weren't happy with the sex anymore. I was receiving emails from women saying how handsome I looked, they wanted to meet me explaining how they wanted to be romanced or just jump straight into bed, some asked me if I wanted to have sex with them while their husband sat in the bedroom and watched me having sex with his wife. I contacted a few attractive single women at a cost of about $ 2 Aud per email I corresponded with a few for a while some just completely disappeared, removed their profiles. Another few when I wanted to meet them refused and said I hope I understand but they would like to get to know me better first so they can trust me. A few women I recognised when I first joined, and saw their profiles again were now living in another part of the country. Some women even wrote to me and abused me for not writing to them and helping me with their supposed marriage breakdown. Others wrote to me and abused me for not replying to them and said if my profile was inactive that I should remove it. Others asked me if I am really single ? Which I stated in my profile that I am single, others wrote to me and exclaimed no way I don't actually live in the city where I have lived for 9 years and why haven't they seen me around ? The whole site is just a big waste of money. Don't be foolish and join thinking you will meet a nice woman, or have sex. I don't know where the company is that runs this site is based but I think the site should be closed down and the people that run it sent to jail. They are just scamming guys out of their hard earned money and giving guys false hope of meeting a woman on this site wasting the guys time taking his money when there is no chance you will ever meet a woman on this site.