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    100% scammers

    This isn’t a hookup dating site, it’s a very expensive chat site. This site will do everything it can to stop you from hooking up with anyone, it will do all it can to stop you from making any real world contact and keep you on a drip system of paying them to only chat . This is the worst dating site I have ever been on. You want to find people to hookup with then POF has been around for decades and is well known and trusted, if you’re looking for long turm relationship or marriage then I can really only recommend e-harmony.
    Unlike flingcastle they don’t use chat bots at all. I can only comment on sites I have used and I say in my personal opinion flingcastle is a complete waste of time and money. If you’re looking for a good and safe dating site you can’t go wrong with any site that has decades of good reviews and proven track record. Out of over 70 women that contacted me half complained about the same problems I had of the site constantly stop you from having any real world contact. That’s way too high for any website. And then I had my internet security not wanting me to go there because it’s security ticket was out of date.

    I can’t really find any

    The site will not let you make real world contact with anyone. Lots of chat bots and way over price for just a chat site. Out of date security ticket and lots of scammers


    Possible scamming , texting is in order to keep you busy and purchase tokens. Unable to pass contact details outside the site ( blocked ) Fake profiles . Contact trying to teach from California but location said Queensland . If ever find someone should be able to pass contact but it's not possible.


    Keep you texting as long as possible to purchase tokens.

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