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    Warning do not use this Dating Agency


    The Be2 dating agency, uses intimidation and threatening actions when endeavouring to collect a so called annualised one off charge.
    Let me explain - in October 2011 I used Be2 for a short period of three months, basically as a trial, nothing eventuated so apart from just the odd viewing which is free I have had no further dealings. However, in October 2012 my credit card was charge with $270 NZ which I immediately had the Bank reverse. It turned out that Be2 had annualised the charge. On the basis that it was part of a "so-called" Contract. This service was not solicited or used. However, Be2 insisted that the only way to get out of it was to send them a signed fax. I immediately advised them that I had not physically sent them my signature in the first instance in 2011 and I had no intention of doing so.
    It doesn't stop here - I have received numerous threatening emails - the last one as follows:

    "Dear xxx
    There is a valid contract between you and be2 we take now legal measures and hand your case to our collection agency. You will be contacted shortly.

    We are also prepared to take further legal actions in case your payment obligations are not promptly met. This action will definitely affect your financial credibility.

    Your be2 team"

    Accordingly I strongly recommend that if you are looking for a good Dating Agency do not use Be2.


    Do not subscribe to any of their services they will annualise the charge.

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