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    Don’t Even Think About It


    Good it you’re a masochist and enjoy throwing your money into a black hole. This site is affiliated with looking4hotties. Two women run it. They call themselves Black Braes and Lawn Hill. Both are places in North Queensland.
    One woman is a social worker and the other is a psychologist.

    An infinite number of cons. = TOTAL SCAM

    I saw as a pop up I think ? last December 2017. Thinking it was just another dating website I joined posted a photo and wrote a profile. Before I knew it I was receiving emails from all over Australia, from women some mostly complaining they wanted to cheat on their husbands as they weren't happy with the sex anymore. I was receiving emails from women saying how handsome I looked, they wanted to meet me explaining how they wanted to be romanced or just jump straight into bed, some asked me if I wanted to have sex with them while their husband sat in the bedroom and watched me having sex with his wife. I contacted a few attractive single women at a cost of about $ 2 Aud per email I corresponded with a few for a while some just completely disappeared, removed their profiles. Another few when I wanted to meet them refused and said I hope I understand but they would like to get to know me better first so they can trust me. A few women I recognised when I first joined, and saw their profiles again were now living in another part of the country. Some women even wrote to me and abused me for not writing to them and helping me with their supposed marriage breakdown. Others wrote to me and abused me for not replying to them and said if my profile was inactive that I should remove it. Others asked me if I am really single ? Which I stated in my profile that I am single, others wrote to me and exclaimed no way I don't actually live in the city where I have lived for 9 years and why haven't they seen me around ? The whole site is just a big waste of money. Don't be foolish and join thinking you will meet a nice woman, or have sex. I don't know where the company is that runs this site is based but I think the site should be closed down and the people that run it sent to jail. They are just scamming guys out of their hard earned money and giving guys false hope of meeting a woman on this site wasting the guys time taking his money when there is no chance you will ever meet a woman on this site.



    spent over a year trying to find some1 nothing but heartache N no meetups

    Everything all these others have stated is 100% correct U never get to meet up with any1 as there is always an excuse why they cannot meet with U N at $2+ cost a chat is total ripoff

    does such a thing exist on this site after 1full year of trying i have to say nuh does not exist

    Never meet up with anyone N pay lots $ only to get U heart ripped out in process

    Time is Time

    @ Mark 16 oktober 2017
    I met up with several women, and even though not all went well I did manage to find my girlfriend there. We're both very happy and have been talking about moving in together.

    Mark U say U are talking about moving in together Is that all U have done , coz U do not say IF you have met her in the flesh Buddy

    Just wondering robbo

    See My earlier comment 99% MSF Bullshit Msgs 0.5$ scammers (Gmail girls)
    and 0.5% maybes,,, 150 Msgs/day and 1 propect in 36hrs

    Virtual Sex is Safe sex , dont need to get outa bed, put on clean clothes,go outside the safety of the house, no angst, confidence boosting , she will love U no matter what, just pop another credit in the slot,MSF providing U and all the other wankers on the planets SAFE VIRTUAL SEX,24/7 taking care of population growth on a new level

    A) Declare they use fictive profiles
    B) Keeps a lot of Sickos inside of the street
    C) No chance of contracting a STD or worse still AIDS
    D) Open 24/7 just pop another credit
    E) Say what u Want to a web bot

    A) A very expensive hobby talking to the non existent.
    B) Do not declare when they send U a fictive Msg that gives receiver false hope
    C) Can give a false sense of importance and grandeur
    D) Limits contact with the living world
    E) Induces agoraphobia the intense or irrational fear of open spaces or public places

    An illegal activity for a Web site in many countries, As a free service maybe if notices are visible the it is "DREAM WORLD SEX and VIRTUAL SEX ONLY"

    Enough is enough

    been on MSF since 25-02 to24-03 and had over 2,000 msgs,Live in a small town Broome WA and there is not that many free women here let alone in ONE FUCKING chat room.. Do this test,run 3 browsers, get 3 fake emails,and get 3 sleazy profiles from MSF, have different towns and D.O.B Start all 3 profiles and do a 3 split screen and watch how the python generated msgs come in NON Stop. same context in Msgs but show e profile name and age,, its a blast.. the are cunts making millions..
    @ Stevsz Dont worry buddy... I am gunna get these cunts shut down for you and the other poor suckers they have ripped off.. In West Au we have the best Fair Trade Practice act and I know some learned fellows that would do this "pro-bono'', otherwise the rate is $40K/day They have NEVER lost a case nor this.they are "ethical barristers"
    24-03-2018 enough is enough Robbo

    a)Safe sex U never gunna meet a fictive profile
    b)Express and say anything U want to a Web bot they are only software generated anyway
    c) open 24/7x 365 always there 4 U
    d) Feel that U have 100's people per day that want u, just like a dream "wake Up"

    Gives a insight as to how sick the people that send out these fake Messages..Great way to kill time if you are in hospital and cant get up, gives a new set of sex terms that are handy in "pick ups" Show the hundreds of msgs to friends and they will think "u da man"

    A criminal act no other way to put it 99% are in house generated messages, 0.7% scammers hiding email links for "quick Hook ups" ( search [email protected] she has a Linkedin account with 25 lines Greater NYC, she is almost as big as MSF ) and 0.3% genuine punters. Shut it down or get Guy Fawkes 5th Nov to blow it up.The most expensive dating site on the globe???? makes people feel insecure to suicidal, deep depression.Tell a cop, a politician, FBI CIA whoever but stop this rip-off

    Should have a warning sign B4 entering
    "This site is 4 wanking only, By rich wankers, for wankers like U poor wanker,, keep wanking wankers"

    Super fake

    This site is complete bull shit. Multiple profiles with the same pictures. I have never once been contacted by 1 of the scam artists 1st I have always initiated contact. Full of excuses when it comes to meeting in person or using a real email address.


    Not all is fake though

    I heard about these reviews and I have to say a few things.

    - You only hear about the "bad" stories because not everyone can score a date.

    - Not every woman on there is into man like yourself, just give it a go and try to look for someone that isn't 40 years younger. Let's be honest, why would a hot 21 yr old date a 60 yr old geezer?

    - I met up with several women, and even though not all went well I did manage to find my girlfriend there. We're both very happy and have been talking about moving in together.

    So, again. Not all is bad. I've been happy with her for 1 month now and I'm glad I joined up here or I would've never met her!


    My Secretfling

    gain for whoever takes the money; Been on here for 2 months, spent heaps, good to talk about all things but only get excuses/ stalling when you try to set up meeting in person. SCAM SCAM SCAM

    Good for head fantacy

    Can fuck you up in head if your lonely and think you will meet on here


    using yandex image search found that 99.999% of the photos were false. Only that little margin may have been genuine, but its just not worth your money to find out.


    loss of your money need I say more.


    Zero +zero


    Bad site needs to be shut down how in the hell are they still operating this scamming site

    TOTAL SCAM --- fake profiles

    I wrote to the site support and called them out on their fake profiles. They virtually confirmed that they are fake with this reply:
    " our terms & conditions. You can read the following under section 8.4: "This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictitious profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service."


    fake profiles, scam to make you buy credits to chat back to fake profiles that send numerous messages


    All the guys and girls are fake . Their purpose is to to keep you talking and buy more and more credits which are very costly.I signed up and with a week i had received over 1200 replies and they kept coming at 160 a week and they could not be stopped.There are no real guys or girls it is just a scamto collect money.


    a scam that should be shut down by the authorities.


    Looking for some validity regarding the women on this site

    Stupidest site on the net

    I signed up to this site a couple of weeks ago and so far have received well over 1,000 messages and flirts from women on this site. How stupid are the idiots who run the site to keep sending so many fake messages. I'm trying to delete my profile, but it refuses to accept my email address, and the fucking messages keep coming. Fuck them.


    Sheer stupidity of the fools who run the site


    I do not understand how this site can get 50% stars, but 0 reviews.


    Chatting with paid girls.

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