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Zoosk - Not quite a scam


I tried zoosk after I quit Sensual seekers. Not much better in many ways.

I dont feel i was scammed, but it it cost me $35 for an exploratory month sub. It took me a week to cancel that.

First, their matching system kept matching me with women that just didn't fit my interests, worse they were basically the same types....and none matched my saved search criteria.

Then i realised that i wasnt getting any responses to the messages i sent to those i sought out, maybe some were fakes or inactives, but i sent a lot of messages, all to different women, and i dont expect to get a reply for every message, but you send enough messages and surely someone is going to say something eventually.

Then i realised that if they were not subscribed, they couldnt reply. i could find no way of determining if a member was subb'd or not, nor if they were active.

I need feedback, in fact...a dating site is about communication. Getting no response consistently feels, as i have said in another review, unnatural. I found it creepy, not to mention depressing.

So in less than a week, i have ditched zoosk and in their feedback form suggested they allow non-paying members one free response to each paid member, and some ways they could limit even that.

Seem to be at least a few real people on Zoosk.

their matching system is totally ineffective.

'free' members can't respond to messages.

Have to pay more on top of subscription to be able to find out if your messages are even being read.

no way i could find to determine if a member was free, or even active at all.

Inhibits communication, lowers expectations, raises frustration and feeling of isolation.

spectre202 does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Just read the review and pay attention ;)


Well, at first SS seemed ok, got plenty of hits, spent a weekend first screening out those who obviously didn't read my profile page. then tried to message a few prospects, instant demand for money.

Ok, so I tried to buy three credits, each of which is one message. SS wouldn't accept my card, possibly a good thing.

Got hardcore (security context not sexually) on my profile and the messages sent to me, screened again for obvious scammers.

Read terms and conditions...where I found in section 8 their disclaimer on 'Fantasy Profiles' (to encourage socializing, and conduct social research?!)

Realized that anyone that I may spend cash to contact could be a fake bot.

Soooo, I have adjusted my profile to aggressively screen out bots where possible, provided a secure email address just for SS, so any real ladies can contact me for a face to face midday coffee in a public space.

I'll keep an eye on that and see how it goes, but to be honest, paying per message when a bunch of them will be 'fantasy profiles' really gets to me (i cant verify, but of over 500 messages, only about 100 felt remotely real, and of them only about 20 showed any signs of having read my profile).

Maybe if they refunded money spent on contacting their fakes it would feel less like a scam...

none that are concrete

Ohh, actually, i have spent most of the weekend kacking myself laughing at the number of contacts that claimed they contacted me because of the effect my profile picture had on them...i don't post pictures of myself online ever...

costs money per message.
Uses 'fantasy profiles' that will only frustrate and mislead you. check section 8 of terms and conditions ;D

spectre2020 does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

F-Buddy - Shit


Don't waste your money . Stole 3 months of subscription against my will . Just under $300 . Single man , I have a disabled son at home and money is so needed for his car . I pleaded for the money to be returned because I didnt tick a box . Pleaded many times but these people are not nice . Fake profiles everywhere. I hope the people cashing in on this rubbish site will have Karma dealt one day

Scott does NOT recommend F-Buddy to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Sensual Rubbish


Totally agree with the rest of the reviews, itís not nice to say but I feel a bit better now seeing that Iím not the only one sucked in by this crap website, absolute rubbish is what it is iím sorry to say


Rip off

Paul does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

Biaustralia - Get on it


Iíve been on this site since 2014 as MF couple & single M. Itís is great for meeting like minded friends & play mates from singles to couples whether theyíre are guys, girls, gurls. There is something for everyone & great people that are wanting to meet.

Real people that want to meet. Variety & diversity of the people. Very minimal judgement.

As always with any hook-up site, there are the occasional seedy ones that donít understand a polite no. But itís easy to ignore that very minuscule minority & move on.

James does recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Sensual Seekers is a site that dishonestly prays o


Consistant with the information here and I went one step further to create another bogus profile and amazingly I have duplicated emails to both profiles at the exact same time but to both profiles.

My guess is that they have a host of eastern block women working for about 10dollars per hour just stealing and creating profiles and responding to emails. They are so stupid that they have people from Tasmania contacting people in Queensland for dates.

I believe that the ACCC should be involved in this deceptive and fraudulent operation who trades with bogus profiles of pictures stolen from facebook etc.

Some Russian is probably sitting back laughting. You have to agree that its quite well done up front and most seem genuine. I made a second profile with a bald guy with no legs 4'11" in a mobility bike and can get 50 emails a day. What I really object to are the granny pictures that could make you throw up.

Thieves and liars

Pieces of dog droppings.

Anonomous does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - read the message


I know that you might be wondering why someone as beautiful as myself be on a dating site. We I am here because I am tired of being neglected and not given the amount of satisfaction that I need. I always tend to fall for older men which have never worked out for me in the past, so then I decided to try someone a bit younger maybe around 35 years old. Do you think that you can give me all that I need? Or should I just come over and prove that for myself?.

this was a message I received from "Victoria" age 30.. I am aged 35.

wants a younger man that is 5 years older than her stated age???????

this is the kind of B***S**t computer generated nonsense that this site has... it is totally fake.

don't waste your money like many other guys before you

Myself does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

Mysecretfling - Time is Time


@ Mark 16 oktober 2017
I met up with several women, and even though not all went well I did manage to find my girlfriend there. We're both very happy and have been talking about moving in together.

Mark U say U are talking about moving in together<> Is that all U have done , coz U do not say IF you have met her in the flesh Buddy

Just wondering robbo

See My earlier comment 99% MSF Bullshit Msgs 0.5$ scammers (Gmail girls)
and 0.5% maybes,,, 150 Msgs/day and 1 propect in 36hrs

Virtual Sex is Safe sex , dont need to get outa bed, put on clean clothes,go outside the safety of the house, no angst, confidence boosting , she will love U no matter what, just pop another credit in the slot,MSF providing U and all the other wankers on the planets SAFE VIRTUAL SEX,24/7 taking care of population growth on a new level

A) Declare they use fictive profiles
B) Keeps a lot of Sickos inside of the street
C) No chance of contracting a STD or worse still AIDS
D) Open 24/7 just pop another credit
E) Say what u Want to a web bot

A) A very expensive hobby talking to the non existent.
B) Do not declare when they send U a fictive Msg that gives receiver false hope
C) Can give a false sense of importance and grandeur
D) Limits contact with the living world
E) Induces agoraphobia the intense or irrational fear of open spaces or public places

An illegal activity for a Web site in many countries, As a free service maybe if notices are visible the it is "DREAM WORLD SEX and VIRTUAL SEX ONLY"

Robbo does NOT recommend Mysecretfling to friends/family

Mysecretfling - Enough is enough


been on MSF since 25-02 to24-03 and had over 2,000 msgs,Live in a small town Broome WA and there is not that many free women here let alone in ONE FUCKING chat room.. Do this test,run 3 browsers, get 3 fake emails,and get 3 sleazy profiles from MSF, have different towns and D.O.B Start all 3 profiles and do a 3 split screen and watch how the python generated msgs come in NON Stop. same context in Msgs but show e profile name and age,, its a blast.. the are cunts making millions..
@ Stevsz Dont worry buddy... I am gunna get these cunts shut down for you and the other poor suckers they have ripped off.. In West Au we have the best Fair Trade Practice act and I know some learned fellows that would do this "pro-bono'', otherwise the rate is $40K/day They have NEVER lost a case nor this.they are "ethical barristers"
24-03-2018 enough is enough Robbo

a)Safe sex U never gunna meet a fictive profile
b)Express and say anything U want to a Web bot they are only software generated anyway
c) open 24/7x 365 always there 4 U
d) Feel that U have 100's people per day that want u, just like a dream "wake Up"

Gives a insight as to how sick the people that send out these fake Messages..Great way to kill time if you are in hospital and cant get up, gives a new set of sex terms that are handy in "pick ups" Show the hundreds of msgs to friends and they will think "u da man"

A criminal act no other way to put it <>99% are in house generated messages, 0.7% scammers hiding email links for "quick Hook ups" ( search she has a Linkedin account with 25 lines Greater NYC, she is almost as big as MSF ) and 0.3% genuine punters. Shut it down or get Guy Fawkes 5th Nov to blow it up.The most expensive dating site on the globe???? makes people feel insecure to suicidal, deep depression.Tell a cop, a politician, FBI CIA whoever but stop this rip-off

Should have a warning sign B4 entering
"This site is 4 wanking only, By rich wankers, for wankers like U poor wanker,, keep wanking wankers"

Robbo does NOT recommend Mysecretfling to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Rip off


Just another rip off!! They take your money but there is never any real contact.

Give out mobile numbers and email addresses and all a male gets back is the usual "I think I'll stay here for now"

Amazing how as soon as you have spent your credits the "Ladies" you have been talking to disappear!!

Computer generated responses probably some fucked up old man making lots of money.

And someone was right!! Why are so many gorgeous girls on a come fuck me site and where are the ugly ones this site is designed for?


No real contact!
Just taking your money!!

ste.vo05 does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family