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There are many dating services today for bi and gay people, and the dating industry has skyrocketed in Australia. Thatís why BiAustralia have made it their mission to provide quality, free services for people of different sexual orientations.

Yes, BiAustralia is a free dating platform where anyone is welcome Ė whether gay, bi, or heterosexuals. Daily, thousands of Aussies access this great dating site to find interesting people, chat partners, and online dates. The website is easy-to-use, and its simple design makes it accessible to anyone on any type of gadget.

Who can find partners and have fun on BiAustralia? As mentioned, straight, gay, and bi people are all welcome here. Moreover, the dating site offers services for swingers, couples, trans people and also crossdresser.

If you are looking for some fun tonight, then here you will find all that you need, absolutely free. They have men, women, couples, bottoms, milfs, suits, slaves and more other types of people. You just have to let your imagination loose.

BiAustralia comes with many great features in order to better and enhance your online dating experience so that you can find interesting people to talk, share stories, and meet in person. You can participate in polls on different topics, access various chat rooms, join the dating siteís sex club, view and review over 400 photo galleries of members, and even view videos of them uploaded on the website. You can also take a ride on their Lounge, which is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

BiAustralia is the hottest dating site in Australia. Here, all Aussies can have fun and find interesting people. The best thing is that it is absolutely free. Stop wasting time and money on websites that donít work. Join the hottest place right now! Absolutely Free!

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Biaustralia - Salsa


Hot sweet spicy

Salsa does NOT recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

Biaustralia - Mostly all good


Been on biaus for 6yrs or more, never been scammed "unlike all the other sites I've tried" great site to use, easy. Every one I have messaged has been polite and friendly and if we decided to meet it was always comfortable even if the sex wasn't so good, I don't get the bad reviews, it is a bit slow sometimes but I've always been able to log on and use the site. Not a lot of members but over the years I've got to know them, maybe some are cheating on their wife's, SO WHAT!! That's what this site is for, what's your reason for being here, grow up, we all have our dirty little secrets. And my profile has never been taken down.

No scammers None! I would know by now.

No complaints really, any I can think of are too petty to mention.

Jeff maste does recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

Biaustralia - Slow and erratic!


Biaustralia is a reasonable sit for bi and gay contacts. As usual there are many who talk but donít act, but that seems to be standard!
My problem with the site is itís accessibility and stability.
Sometimes it doesnít even appear when the link is clicked repeatedly. When the site is full operational it is mostly reasonably quick but often it ejects the user when trying to navigate from one page to another. When it doesnít eject, it referees to take one where one wants to go. Other Timís it is very slow. Most of these complaints I have only found recently over the last few months, so I am not sure what is happening with them?

When functioning, it is simple and easy to use, with many potential contacts.
It is not expensive.

Problems with recent functionality and access. Slow and ejection user as one tries to navigate around. It is annoying and time wasting.
Many users are semi literate.

Ian mctavi does recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

Biaustralia - Too many would be's


Far too many fakes on biAustralia
Would be's if they could be
No success at all, limited in contact opportunities.

Easy enough to sign up to

Too many fakes
Too hard to contact, simply a money making exercise for those that run it

Tassdevil does NOT recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

Biaustralia - Account removed


My account was removed with no notice after sending my mobile number to a contact. A warning would have been more polite.

Good for meeting local people

Most of the profiles had no face photos. I met some people and they did not look like their photo. Not a friendly site with only 1 message per day.

Biaustralia - Fake


Have yet to come accross a real profile, everyone so far have been as fake as donald trump's hair


Can only send one or receive a couple messages a day without paying

Darran does NOT recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

Biaustralia - awful site


I have tried BiAustralia site, I have found it awful.

*It is not compatible with mobile devices .

* Does not have an actual mobile app .

* It's not free like mobile apps such as Grindr, Scruff & TsDating.Biz

*They simply remove your profile without any notice.

*It's full of sad closeted guys who are married to females and cheating on their wives by sleeping with men or crossdressers trying to have two lives .

*It's so 20th century , don't waste your $$

*You can only send 1 or two messages a day unlike Grindr and Scruff app which you can send unlimited messages,

Shervin does NOT recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

Biaustralia - great site, fun to be had for all


Is a great site, interesting polls, awesome masive user video and picture galleries, great chat, great forums, great wink and messaging function, profile pic and private gallery seperate, easy to block unwanted attention, can be guest or reasonable priced subscription.
Any site has creeps but have had very few problems in biaustralia.
Had som great meets and mad some great chat/messaging only freinds too.
more features than i have mentioned and new ones cumming.
5 stars

as above

found none yet

Paul does recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

Biaustralia - Get on it


Iíve been on this site since 2014 as MF couple & single M. Itís is great for meeting like minded friends & play mates from singles to couples whether theyíre are guys, girls, gurls. There is something for everyone & great people that are wanting to meet.

Real people that want to meet. Variety & diversity of the people. Very minimal judgement.

As always with any hook-up site, there are the occasional seedy ones that donít understand a polite no. But itís easy to ignore that very minuscule minority & move on.

James does recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

Biaustralia - Unable to log on


Agree with all of above - lots of fakes but a couple of great rt meetup. However since the weekend unable to logon or open a new account - everything comes back - Account has been Removed.
Got verbally abused the night before but seen worse on this site - very confused.

Great chat when working

Regular Drop outs of service

jasminella does recommend Biaustralia to friends/family

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