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Last updated: 28 maart 2019
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Looking for a hookup or the love of your life? Why donít go with the best? Fling Finder recommends itself as being Australia best dating services provider, with top-notched features that will surely help you find the perfect one for you.

More Aussies than ever before are searching for a date in the online realm. With the increase in demand, the quality of the offer has also increased. Thatís why Fling Finder was created: to offer the best of the best dating services for Australians out there.

FlingFinder is the Australian online adult dating site and social network focused on fun! Whether you're looking for friends with benefits or something a little more serious, you'll find it right here on Australia's most trusted adult dating site. Registering is completely free on this dating site, and within minutes of completing your profile, you will have the chance to browse through the profiles of registered users found here.

The website comes with many great features for you to enhance your online dating experience. You will be able to browse photos and profiles, instant message other users, find interesting people to talk with on their chat section and many more. Moreover, itís also the world's only adult dating site to guarantee an equal 50/50 split between men and women!

Thousands of Aussies are logging in every day on this top-notched dating site. Many have declared satisfaction with the services provided by Fling Finder. Donít believe us? Access their site now and create a free membership. You guarantee that youíll spend too much time navigating the site.

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Reviews: 2

FlingFinder reviews (2):

FlingFinder - Total Waste of Time and Money


Like a lot of guys who joined FF, I thought I was in for a good time finding women who were also looking for good times, but no. The site has apparently well over 6000 members (by noting the host's friends list) and they claim the site is 50/50 male/women. After you try to sift thru the search parameters, you soon notice that you have little choose from (at my age) then you notice further that many of the profiles haven't been active in a long time, but remain to make the site look full. Chat room barely ever have more than 6 people in them and most of them are guys, all talking shit. There's a couple of females who are quite active, and they are VIP members who get all features for free because they've been around awhile. They sound like promoters when you read their blog comments. After messaging a number of potential females, I was lucky to get a solitary conversation going, which went nowhere - and I'm a nice decent guy, so freak boys take note. $60 for three months isn't a big deal, but even if it was for free, the site is very frustrating. If you're a woman, you'll get bombarded with messages for sure, but most don't even bother to write back, even to tell you to piss off. I had much more luck talking with women on POF.

Not expensive. Site layout is okay.

Very few active female members.

Okidoker does NOT recommend FlingFinder to friends/family

FlingFinder - Very discussed


I am writing this review because I am very discussed with Flingfinder I only just became a no paid member last night and this morning I have been blocked from their server/domain the error I get is this,

( Forbidden

You don't have permission to access / on this server.)

at first I thought that it was my PC but I have checked everything and it is not at my end, the problem is that they have blocked me and I have no way of asking why, they did not even send me an email or anything with an explanation and I think this is the height of rudeness. I have never been blocked from any site ever so I thing they at least owe my and explanation.


The height of disrespect most unbecoming.

Justme does NOT recommend FlingFinder to friends/family

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