Casual Match Club Review - you must be frickin\\\' joking

Casual Match Club - you must be frickin\\\' joking


Casual Match Club total scam!!! Run from a PO Box in Panama. Verotel International BV in Amsterdam just collect the money.

"Verotel is a third party payment processing agency for thousands of websites, including" Brittany April17, 2019.

The phone number at the Netherlands Fraud Help Desk doesn't frickin' work. So if you like pissing your money you know what to do.


SCAAAAAAMMMMM!!! I wouldn't even recommend this site to a dog.

Billythekid does NOT recommend Casual Match Club to friends/family


Date: 1 mei 2019 - 1:28

By: Kamhuber

What is your take on what the female participants get out of this?
Surely, they get a commission out of the credits they induce the guys to spend?

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