Hot Local Flirts Review - 100% fake

Hot Local Flirts - 100% fake


I joined up yesterday out of curiosity

I was instantly bombarded with sex crazed women throwing themselves at me without asking any real questions that would be expected

All they wanted to know was what I thought about their picture sent & if I was free this weekend to go to their home to do all sorts of sex that I wanted to them

I suppose that would be to suck me into a conversation that costs $5 each time

I know for sure that real women are not going to want an online stranger come to their home for all night sex without meeting somewhere first

Some of the girls look really nice so donít know why they would be so desperate if they were real

So after a day & night on this funny site reading all these stupid fake girls wanting my body Iíve had my laugh & wont be spending any money on there & will delete my account now

At first I was flattered

I replied back to one with my free credit & she never replied back lol

Donít be fooled guys, decent women donít act like these fakes do

They will scam you for money & will lead you on as long as possible to get as much out of you as possible from what I can figure out

Just to have expensive chats which I never did

Would be an expensive waste of time & embarrassment I would think

Oscar does NOT recommend Hot Local Flirts to friends/family


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