Biaustralia Review - Slow and erratic!

Biaustralia - Slow and erratic!


Biaustralia is a reasonable sit for bi and gay contacts. As usual there are many who talk but donít act, but that seems to be standard!
My problem with the site is itís accessibility and stability.
Sometimes it doesnít even appear when the link is clicked repeatedly. When the site is full operational it is mostly reasonably quick but often it ejects the user when trying to navigate from one page to another. When it doesnít eject, it referees to take one where one wants to go. Other Timís it is very slow. Most of these complaints I have only found recently over the last few months, so I am not sure what is happening with them?

When functioning, it is simple and easy to use, with many potential contacts.
It is not expensive.

Problems with recent functionality and access. Slow and ejection user as one tries to navigate around. It is annoying and time wasting.
Many users are semi literate.

Ian mctavi does recommend Biaustralia to friends/family


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