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Fake Site Run By Control Freak

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In a nutshell, Biaustralia is a trainwreck. It is run by a moron, who calls himself Ben, but who knows who or what he is. He has a crowd of long term members who create a toxic atmosphere in the forums and chatrooms. One of them poses as a 78yo MTF transgender from Brisbane who changes their username from time to time. CYNTHIA, YARSE, MOONDREAMS are the most recent iterations, but that is likely to change at any time. This profile literally runs the forums and creates division and message traffic. Anyone who dares to challenge any comment this person posts has their message deleted and can either be banned from the forums, or even have their profile deleted. The site manager shows no mercy, even to those who have a paid membership. There are longterm members who befriend you then ask leading questions to find out what you really think of the site. If you voice any concerns, they will block you and no doubt report back to the managers. There are so many fake profiles, there is little point in using this site for dating or hookups. I would absolutely avoid giving these people any credit card information. The site is not mobile friendly and it would appear that most profiles are gentlemen in their seventies, who are total bottoms and into wearing female clothing. At worst, this site encourages unsafe sexual practices and at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged forum posts from antivaxxers, deniers, mask refusers and lockdown breakers. Anyone who did the right thing was either riduculed or berrated. If they tried to defend themself their response would be deleted. How do I know all this? I have been monitoring activity on this site for many years. Most of the "real" activity takes place during the night, and any forum posts that dare to criticise, challenge or differ from Ben's narrow view of the world are deleted early in the morning.

Good for a laugh, especially the This Just Happened forum, which is dominated by a few wannabes that post fantasies about raunchy sexual hookups that wouldn't happen in their wildest dreams.

Aside from what I've already written, this is social media at its worst. There are several genuine people on the site who obviously have mental health issues and the moderator does nothing to address this. The bullying is unrelenting and even occurs in a forum called RUOK.