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Victoria Milan Reviews

    Waste of money and time

    The whole site is a scam. From females trying to get a OCD ID, green card and asking to talk on gmail hangouts. None of the females are real and there are always the same bullshit stories that get repeated.

    My sister is pregnant and I’m here in your city wanna catch up. You will never meet anyone on there and it’s not a affair site as the females are looking for relationships. The support team is hopeless as the company is based in Malta. Don’t even bother with this site.

    Lots of fake profiles.

    Too many to list.

    Total Rip Off

    I wish i'd checked out this site before trying VictoriaMilan. Awful customer service, fake profiles and no genuine interactions.


    - Fake profiles

    - Fake messages

    - Fake interactions

    100% Fake

    I'm surprised anyone would suggest this site is real. I got over 50 e-mails after months of nothing, no replies to any - what are the odds.

    It's completely fake, the messages were largely the same.

    Don't spend any money! Their should be more legal recourse for these scamming frauds.


    Fake Profiles

    Site design good intended to be misleading

    victoria milan DONT DO IT

    i signed up as the website seem legit, however when the first dozen emails of some one has viewed your profile immediately made me smell a rat, lets face it where i live honestly how many gorgeous hot chicks are interested in a 52 y/o, fortunately i never paid for the subscription, and after 10 odd emails to the alleged support i finally got some one to delete my account. problem is i am still getting "someone has viewed you profile emails" and i cant unsubscribe and to top it off the retards in support just give an automated response.

    nothing it is fake

    your better off going to the knock shop


    What a waste of time and money! ! Not one response to any of my many messages sent....I'm from Australia and it's obvious when you read profiles they are definitely not local or fake, as their grammar and spelling is terrible. Also seen a profile photo on a review from the US that comes up on my search for women in Australia! !

    WHAT A WASTE!!!!



    Waste of Money

    Simple........Just don't do it.

    You will waste your money!!


    Many, including never getting a reply from people you contact.

    Pure Scam

    Victoria Milan is a total Scam. I have been around in dating sites and I can say for sure that this one is repleted with fake profiles. The rate of answers you get is almost 0 %. I sent 100s of mails, with a testing profile that would make bradley Cooper jaylous and yet there were no replies. The only lady that replied replied with "hi there...". That was it! Such scams should be forbiden. They are stealing peoples money!!


    100 per cent FAKE

    scam/legitimate/sounds too good.

    I must admit the past few days i have decided to take the plunge and have a look at some online dating sites, i think one of the first things you should do,

    before joining and i have done this on a number of occasions, most of these

    dating sites sound very legit, but in the end most of them are money hungry

    grabbing sites that promise a lot and deliver very little, i have come across a few

    that initially suggest you can join for free, most times you usually receive a "welcome" message and within a couple of days you may receive a message

    that someone has a little interest in your profile, you go back to the site check out the details hmm not too bad that's a start, and when you return a second time now don't forget they say they're free you see the fees and charges outlined

    over a period of a month, 6 months to a year, the more you pay the cheaper it gets but that doesn't mean you are going to be successful. Always approach

    with caution and check out reviews online, to me if there is any negativity i will

    not join at all

    Judging by some of the reviews and comments there are no pros

    Many say is it worth trying and perhaps getting nowhere, i have read a number of reviews that are pretty poor, and to me anything negative towards a dating site

    is not worth joining one thing you must do before joining a dating site whether

    it's legitimate or not is to do your research and get a few ideas as they say some a free for joining but when you get a reply or a second message usually they show you the charges are you prepared to pay fees and can they guarantee

    success? There is one thing for certain they will take your money


    I joined and looked at heaps of profiles and even contacted a few of the bogus profiles. I have not found ONE that is real. Not one. The whole site is a scam, I'm told that some are genuine, well, I couldn't find them, not even my own profile when I did a search! It's well made, seems legit, but its a scam nevertheless. They even charge you to close your account. Thats right you cant even close it without paying, they say you can but I tried again and again and it doesn't work. You have to pay to get your profile 'erased.'

    Don't be fooled, go elsewhere.

    I'd also be interested to hear from others who were fooled, with a view to organising a class action against VM.


    its completely fake

    Victoria Milan is a waste of time and Money

    I did a little digging around on Victoria Milan, This site is very heavily fake Most profiles I found were using stolen pictures of porn-stars and Swedish blogs. I managed to contact one blog user and she was shocked to find out about this and even worse because she was Lesbian but the profile said she was married to man... So Victoria Milan is a very smart con site.

    No Pros

    A lot of cons, the whole site is a fantastically made con.

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