scam/legitimate/sounds too good.

scam/legitimate/sounds too good.

I must admit the past few days i have decided to take the plunge and have a look at some online dating sites, i think one of the first things you should do,
before joining and i have done this on a number of occasions, most of these
dating sites sound very legit, but in the end most of them are money hungry
grabbing sites that promise a lot and deliver very little, i have come across a few
that initially suggest you can join for free, most times you usually receive a "welcome" message and within a couple of days you may receive a message
that someone has a little interest in your profile, you go back to the site check out the details hmm not too bad that's a start, and when you return a second time now don't forget they say they're free you see the fees and charges outlined
over a period of a month, 6 months to a year, the more you pay the cheaper it gets but that doesn't mean you are going to be successful. Always approach
with caution and check out reviews online, to me if there is any negativity i will
not join at all

Judging by some of the reviews and comments there are no pros

Many say is it worth trying and perhaps getting nowhere, i have read a number of reviews that are pretty poor, and to me anything negative towards a dating site
is not worth joining one thing you must do before joining a dating site whether
it's legitimate or not is to do your research and get a few ideas as they say some a free for joining but when you get a reply or a second message usually they show you the charges are you prepared to pay fees and can they guarantee
success? There is one thing for certain they will take your money

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