total scam

I agree with the other reviews here. Profiles are utterly fake. was getting 100+ messages a day all of which were apparently desperate to shag me senseless - note I didn't even have a photo up. Oddly they kept deleting my self description, even though I hadn't said much of anything other than to try and filter out non-local responses. So yeah, I had a pretty blank profile but loads of very eager responses, which of course followed a pattern. Typically first message requests a reply to hook up, second message whines about a lack of response. Also note that basically every profile is always listed as being online, like 24-7.

To be fair they have a large database of bogus messages, some of which are quite funny. And plenty of soft core porn pics to go along with them.

100% fake. Just read the Terms and Conditions on the site, particularly section 5.2 and 5.3

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