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    I recommend this site for you >>

    Fake / scam

    My bank would not even allow a payment to go through even though there was definitely money on my card and not affected by the card limit.

    Also seemingly a lot of fake women on there. I had someone say they liked my photo... Here's the kicker, there was no photo up at the time!

    Don't waste your time or money on this.

    Lots of cute women.

    Completely fake.

    It's full of its self

    If you like wasting money with no result go for it

    Full of Desperate unfullfilled women of bad boyfriend experience

    They have to trust you and they don't understand what they are into , also Heaps of woman abusing messages that cost 2$ plus per message add that up....


    Total fake SCAM don’t waist you money

    total scam

    I agree with the other reviews here. Profiles are utterly fake. was getting 100+ messages a day all of which were apparently desperate to shag me senseless - note I didn't even have a photo up. Oddly they kept deleting my self description, even though I hadn't said much of anything other than to try and filter out non-local responses. So yeah, I had a pretty blank profile but loads of very eager responses, which of course followed a pattern. Typically first message requests a reply to hook up, second message whines about a lack of response. Also note that basically every profile is always listed as being online, like 24-7.

    To be fair they have a large database of bogus messages, some of which are quite funny. And plenty of soft core porn pics to go along with them.

    100% fake. Just read the Terms and Conditions on the site, particularly section 5.2 and 5.3


    I concur with the previous review. I started a profile with absolutely no information, and was quickly flooded with messages.

    fake profiles

    See terms and conditions 5.2 entertainment is their goal not meetings or dates.
    My profile had no details yet I was inundated with women.
    So I added a bit to the profile saying send me your picture with todays date and lo and behold I was dumped from the website a short time later.

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