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Here at Just Christian Dating we passionate about connecting Christians to create meaningful friendships and relationships. If you\'re looking for someone who shares the same passions and interests as you, why not make a start by searching through thousands of our member\'s profiles. You can even send a free introductory message to other single Christians that fit your criteria to get the ball rolling! Dating for Christians has just been made easier! Join free now and become part of our community of single Christians today! Just Christian Dating is a safe and secure online dating site that has a dedicated customer support team looking after its member\'s needs. They are here to help you with any questions you may have, it\'s no wonder Just Christian Dating is a trusted dating site set aside from the rest. Safety and quality assured, why not join free today and start connecting with Single Christians just like you!

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    Ticked Off

    I became a member of Just Senior Singles less than 24 hours ago, immediately a series of several boxes appeared listing more of their Dating Sites. I clicked on Just Christian Singles for LESS THAN 5 seconds. They sent me an email welcoming me as a member THEN asked me to complete my PROFILE! Within 2 hours I had had my first "contact"!! Considering I did absolutely NOTHING I was suddenly was a member. When I tried to login to JCS using my Just Senior Singles username & password to view exactly what details they had of me on their site I was informed my username & or password incorrect!! I am totally disgusted that I am now on another site simply because I clicked on a "box"! Extremely good marketing but highly unethical when it is impossible to gain access to the details they have placed on another one of their sites.
    There is absolutely no way I can remove myself from Just Christian Singles, nor is there any contact details listed anywhere where I can contact then requesting to be removed. To add insult to injury, they have emailed me stating "Congratulations you're getting a lot of attention today! We don't want to overwhelm you so we won't send you any more emails when your profile is viewed for the rest of the day." Great, so in other words I am going to receive contact from members from a site I never agreed to be on (cannot access or get off) thus restricting contact from members I have paid a subscription to be a member of. This is the first review I have ever written however I felt it was important to alert others who view any Dating site that commences with the words "Just" Senior Singles, "Just" Christian Singles, Just Christians etc. beware not to open any of those boxes if you want to remain in control of your life.

    Hats off to the their clever, manipulative marketing strategies.

    Appears everything is a con!

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