Hot proposals is exactly what it is and all it is !!

Hot proposals is exactly what it is and all it is !!

If you want internet/cyber sex/relationship that costs you $2.20 a message, and still have most of your questions ignored, this is the site for you, If you really want to meet someone in the flesh, your wasting your money here like I did, I would rate the number of fake profiles in here at 90% or greater, I can recognise certain writing styles that match on over 20 different profiles stringing me along to spend credits , I have been propositoned many times for a meet me somewhere for sex today, right now i cant wait a minute longer, but when I reply with a where would you like to meet answer , (I am a very obliging bloke) it turns back into an I want to just chat with you,

Put the money your going to waste in here back in your ocket, get in your car, drive to the nearest massage parlour you havent used before, (yes i know that may have to be in the next state) and get yourself a great hooker, problem solvered,

the girls will talk dirty to you all day, very very dirty If you like that, but thats all they will ever do,
You do get sent the odd hot pic of a real cutie, in her birthday suit, for me this is really a con as i am not really much of a window shopper ,

It cost a fortune,
it will cost a fortune for cybersex with someone who isn't even interested in you ..... just your credits,
Did I mention it cost a fortune

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