Caution when joining this site

Caution when joining this site

I have been with BiAustralia for around 15 years. A gallery with over 200 photos and a good long standing following.
Then suddenly all my access to my photos and ability to manage my gallery were removed. My followers were getting in touch ass to why my pictures had disappeared. Bi Australia claimed they were not removed but I could not have access as I was not a VIP member. How crazy is that. Furthermore when I tried to explain to my followers and apologise my profile was censored by Bi Australia.
I have now closed the account. What is going on with that site I have no idea but can you image paying them as to apposed as a guest and finding at a moments notice when it suits them you loose all privilege's and your fees. I was a guest for all these years and you had limited access, fair enough but at least I could manage my own profile. Its individuals like me who provide good photos that is the attraction of the
site. So this could have been a personal attack...I don't know the admin or it could be an attack on Transgender which would be weird. All I know is that I never broke the rules and I presented an excellent profile page. A cautionary tale to anyone thinking of joining.

It WAS a great site.
Something has happened recently for their admin to change so drastically

It now has changed. With crazy limits at best and at worst management that bully's individuals such as my self a transgender. No rhythm or reason

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