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Academic Singles is a dating website and app for college students and educated people from Australia. Download this app on your smartphone, and you will have the chance to matchup with men and women who have the same intellectual occupations and interests. Finding a partner can be a challenge in the academic world. Students have papers over papers to craft, while professors spend a lot of time preparing courses and correcting papers. Moreover, educated people tend to be more introverted, making the task of finding a partner more difficult. That’s why Academic Singles is here. People can find partners based on age, location, and intellectual interests. Creating a profile takes minutes, and the website’s design makes it easy to navigate both on desktop and smartphones. The dating site is one-of-the-kind in Australia and has been hailed for its quality by specialized dating sites. Find a partner right now, and enhance your dating experience with Academic Singles. Who knows maybe your match can become your study or research partner?

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