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Last updated: 1 augustus 2017
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Looking to entice your love life, but don’t know where to begin? At Secret Love, you will get online dating quality services in no time. This website is a top-notched when it comes to the dating world: that’s why probably more people than ever are signing up for an account here.

Life can become monotonous and boring. We are all looking for new adventures and provocations in life, and our love lives aren’t any different. Having intimate time with the same lover can become a sex killer, and we wonder and crave, how would it be to share bed sheets with someone new?

It has never been easier to meet and date new people, while maintaining a low profile. At Secret Love, discretion and privacy are top priorities. If you are worried about getting caught, then this is probably the best dating service out there. You surely won’t get caught using this website.

Create a free profile in under a minute and get started to meet interesting new people. You can search for members based on sex, age, and location, as well as see who is online right now. Instant message that attractive chick or handsome man, and start having your affair right away.

Dating tips. The best place to look for new adventures is in another town. Use this website whenever you feel like taking a short vacation or are in a business meeting out of town. With Secret Love, your love affair will remain a secret, everything being done in a discreet manner.

More people today are looking for something new in their lives. Don’t wait any longer. Create a profile now and start searching for your next adventure right now.

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SecretLoveService reviews (9):

SecretLoveService - total scam site


Like many of the above responses, it is a scam site. I joined up, got 10 or 11 messages straight away, paid for credit, and they just talk crap. i'm in Queensland, and going through the list of Queensland women with photos, at least 50 % of them are from other sites, many on scam warner sites. not 1 of those women would leave the site for the reasons mentioned above, don't feel safe, wants to stay here chatting, don't have skype, yahoo, messenger and the like. asked details or where many of them are, only one said she was in Rockhampton, the rest wouldn't respond to that question at all. even the way they chatted sure didn't sound like an aussie girl at all. you will never see one of them on cam either, all of them either said they want to see a photo first, or no cam, or cam does not work. Or they ignored the question completely. as soon as your credit is out, the messages stop until you put more credit on. Way to expensive as well. I have better luck on Tagged. I suspect if you did post a photo for them it would be used in a fake male profile. give this site a wide berth.


never get to see anybody
they will keep you chatting about shit to use all your credits
50% of photos from other sites, check them out on google images
all refuse to move off site for chat or cam
many will ignore questions about location

vegewill does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

SecretLoveService - Site is a scam


I have had a similar experience as the other users. Very suspect when you get so many messages in the first 10 minutes.
The cost of paying to send a message soon mounts up.
I believe this is just another scam site.

Good for a flirt only.

Far too costly.

Mike does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

SecretLoveService - Expensive short chat females


Tried several females but only short answers and you have to ask the same question again to try and get answers. Four told me where they lived in remote parts of qld not Brisbane. Suggested email contact but used same excuse as others experienced. Did get one response just after I started, saying no more contact for a match, as she had found her partner. Just to suck you in I believe. Good way to waste money and you only get small chat and its costs heaps until you wake up it is a con!!!

plenty profiles some with saucy photos, all with good imagination as to what they want to talk about

costly and you never get to form a relationship with anyone. I suspect it is several people replying to all the profiles due to the words used and way the responses are done.

brian does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

SecretLoveService - waste of money


i found that they took a lot of my money before feeling something was not quite right so im out

good for a flirt

too much money

Alfeo does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

SecretLoveService - ANOTHER SCAM SITE


I looked for reviews of this site but at that time found 0 as it seemed very new, so I thought I would give it a go, but accepting that is maybe a scam. when I joined the pay by message was different so I thought I will allow a certain amount to spend and no more, and I would try and get them to verify they are real. So I did a search and before I found anyone I had 11 messages which was a tick for my concern of a scam. I brought credits and replied, stating that I want them to prove they are real people and not employee's, sort of straight to the point The replies we all short and 2 were identical words mmm, another tick. So I replied to the ones that seemed ok, and clearly stated proof was needed, again all short replies about being a private person or only want to chat on that site or don't feel safe. One other thing I notice was a reply to 5 who were not online all came on line within seconds of each other. Did not reply to any of them again and never received another message. Next was I will pick out some and message them all with the same words about proof, e mail ect, all replied when the green light came on within 1 minute of each other, mmm sounds like an office with employees. Again all messages short and no mention of why they cannot reply via the e mail. replied to the all saying last message, again replies with short answers, all saying the same thing about private person, not safe ect, but again 2 were identical words and that is not a coincidence it is 100$ proof this is a scam site from Holland, which can explain some bad English/phrases.


a 100% scam site based on how all scam sites work, pay as you message they get you to message heaps. It cost me $50 but I hope I can stop others from wasting there money

Rob does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

SecretLoveService - Definitely a money-maker for someone!


Pretty much the same as above; short, nonsensical communications, and it seems clear that these women are getting paid by the note received (and not the words written, like some poets of old!). I have been through about 6 cycles of buying 50 credits each (really too much), and it's always the same - talked to about 30 women on the site, and the response patterns were all the same - offer an email address (even disposable; safe as!), and it was '...don't feel safe...', and a number of other prevarications.
I actually also signed up as a woman (thinking females may get a better credits deal), and that was not the case - no men contacted me, even though I put up some saucy pics (lifted from an old girlfriend), so I think probably the site is really for lifting money off men, by women - and the men and their profiles may well be all bogus!
They don't know what they're doing, but, as usual - follow the money....and, they're getting any more money from me. Don't bother, guys!

If you have money, and want to just flirt (and never meet!) this is a site to burn a lot of money on. Better to put half on red / half on black.

Expensive as...and, the women are not really that good at what they are supposed to be doing.

James does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

SecretLoveService - Waste of time,effort & money.


As written in the previous reviews, this site presents itself in the manner that seems to encourage communication.
In my case, I viewed numerous women in and around my age group.
So I wasn't looking into to many younger women.
Having said that, the usual style in these sorts of sites, is to pander to your selections in your search criteria.
But unfortunately, the same pattern occurs.
Short replies to encourage you to buy more credits. It does get costly.
Location admittance is very suspect.
When you offer to communicate outside of the site, the replies are all very generic.
"I prefer that we chat here", "I don't feel comfortable chatting outside of here".
"I'm serious about you, but I prefer that we chat here".
Some of the replies are also very sceptical.
If these women were in the locale that they stated they were in, the replies would be a lot more understandable.
Instead, the replies are written in a form of broken English. It's almost as if they're using a language translator.

Beautiful looking women.
Pay as you go.

Will never get the opportunity to meet up with any of these women.

Maverick does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

SecretLoveService - Unreal


I have just cancelled my account of the above “dating “ site. No joining fees only pay for each chat that is made to a member. Having contacted I think 10 members a pattern became obvious. All replies from members were short and encouraged to answer or request info not mentioned by me. The chat was restricted to 500 digits including spaces. I used half or more in my quest to get information or comment from the female member. Not once did I ever get anywhere near a full response, in fact rarely up to 100 digits. Each chat costs between $1.50 and $1.90. Also only twice was the area where the member lived given after more than one request. A headline of the site shows “local” and in fact the designation is Territory meaning in Australia “State”. This is Fraudulent and Dishonesty in marketing and somehow should be investigated or a pulblic warning be published widely. If not a SCAM it is certainly close.The two times I got the area were in fact 350 to 450kms from my home. I did send my concerns to the “Support” link given but did not receive any response at all. Overall my experience was not a happy one, more frustrating, annoying and certainly costly. Can strongly advise that this site be avoided.

Lots of women members

Too expensive, does not live up to the headlines

Tom does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

SecretLoveService - Bogus


There seems to be a lot of voyeurs, women on this site. Site seems expensive seeing that you use a credit for each transaction so can go through credits quickly exchanging messages. Some will only communicate on this site giving you the feeling that women are getting paid to communicate on here. On other sites for arround 30 dollars a month you can send as many messages as you like on this site it would equate to 15 messages and or winks. There is no way to find out what suburb the person you are messaging is in so have to message to find out and then person may not respond to this question.

Pay as you go

Too expensive!!!!!

Steve does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

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