SecretLoveService Review - ANOTHER SCAM SITE

SecretLoveService - ANOTHER SCAM SITE


I looked for reviews of this site but at that time found 0 as it seemed very new, so I thought I would give it a go, but accepting that is maybe a scam. when I joined the pay by message was different so I thought I will allow a certain amount to spend and no more, and I would try and get them to verify they are real. So I did a search and before I found anyone I had 11 messages which was a tick for my concern of a scam. I brought credits and replied, stating that I want them to prove they are real people and not employee's, sort of straight to the point The replies we all short and 2 were identical words mmm, another tick. So I replied to the ones that seemed ok, and clearly stated proof was needed, again all short replies about being a private person or only want to chat on that site or don't feel safe. One other thing I notice was a reply to 5 who were not online all came on line within seconds of each other. Did not reply to any of them again and never received another message. Next was I will pick out some and message them all with the same words about proof, e mail ect, all replied when the green light came on within 1 minute of each other, mmm sounds like an office with employees. Again all messages short and no mention of why they cannot reply via the e mail. replied to the all saying last message, again replies with short answers, all saying the same thing about private person, not safe ect, but again 2 were identical words and that is not a coincidence it is 100$ proof this is a scam site from Holland, which can explain some bad English/phrases.


a 100% scam site based on how all scam sites work, pay as you message they get you to message heaps. It cost me $50 but I hope I can stop others from wasting there money

Rob does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family


Date: 10 april 2017 - 5:42

By: Tiger

Same experience, they say the're Australian but I don't think so, there use of vernacular Oz is nonexistent. As anybody knows who has spent time in Aust, the way we speak, use of words instantly IDs us.

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