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I have just cancelled my account of the above “dating “ site. No joining fees only pay for each chat that is made to a member. Having contacted I think 10 members a pattern became obvious. All replies from members were short and encouraged to answer or request info not mentioned by me. The chat was restricted to 500 digits including spaces. I used half or more in my quest to get information or comment from the female member. Not once did I ever get anywhere near a full response, in fact rarely up to 100 digits. Each chat costs between $1.50 and $1.90. Also only twice was the area where the member lived given after more than one request. A headline of the site shows “local” and in fact the designation is Territory meaning in Australia “State”. This is Fraudulent and Dishonesty in marketing and somehow should be investigated or a pulblic warning be published widely. If not a SCAM it is certainly close.The two times I got the area were in fact 350 to 450kms from my home. I did send my concerns to the “Support” link given but did not receive any response at all. Overall my experience was not a happy one, more frustrating, annoying and certainly costly. Can strongly advise that this site be avoided.

Lots of women members

Too expensive, does not live up to the headlines

Tom does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family


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