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The idea for RubyRadar was born several years ago over a long lunch (as most good ideas are!). After having built Australia’s leading matchmaking agency for professionals and business owners (since 2005), my team and I decided to further the reach of our matchmaking abilities and create the ultimate dating site for successful singles – designed by matchmakers themselves! We knew that successful singles needed a stylish and sophisticated platform to meet online and they also needed a site that was more targeted to their needs – exclusively for professionals and business owners, which maintains privacy, sends you relevant matches based on your criteria and with no personality testing. With 7 years of expertise and hundreds of successful matches, our approach was not to use personality profiling but rather allow members to showcase their interests, their values and their humour. We also added some cool new features such as our unique profile page and social matchmaking. After 7 years of market research, RubyRadar was launched in October 2012.

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