Biaustralia Review - Mostly all good

Biaustralia - Mostly all good


Been on biaus for 6yrs or more, never been scammed "unlike all the other sites I've tried" great site to use, easy. Every one I have messaged has been polite and friendly and if we decided to meet it was always comfortable even if the sex wasn't so good, I don't get the bad reviews, it is a bit slow sometimes but I've always been able to log on and use the site. Not a lot of members but over the years I've got to know them, maybe some are cheating on their wife's, SO WHAT!! That's what this site is for, what's your reason for being here, grow up, we all have our dirty little secrets. And my profile has never been taken down.

No scammers None! I would know by now.

No complaints really, any I can think of are too petty to mention.

Jeff maste does recommend Biaustralia to friends/family


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