Biaustralia Review - Too many fakes

Biaustralia - Too many fakes


After using this site for a while, it became quite obvious that many of the profiles were fake. A lot of the photos were easily found via google. Admin didn't seem to care and I was quickly banned for bringing it up.

A bit of a scam.


Date: 23 april 2017 - 9:13

By: FX

Yes I agree with this posting about the site. I also contacted the admins politly and was told to f.. off, and then banned as well.

Date: 23 juni 2018 - 2:06

By: Paul

I've hadno problems at all, maybe how you interacted with admins made them think you were toxic to the site.

Date: 23 juli 2018 - 4:47

By: Vanessa

They do a very good job in a universe that is quite difficult to navigate. It is a dating site but often it becomes the cyber center of many folks online world. Quite a few are just there to chat and this sometimes leads to arguments becoming heated and sensible moderation is required. Its very easy, just one touch of the keyboard, to block anyone suspected of being fake. Very easy to remove ones self totally from anyone considered undesirable. Also, unfortunately, some of my pics have been hacked and used by people to set up fake profiles on other sites. How does anyone know this isnt the case with other profiles on biaustralia when they are doing so called internet searches to weed out fake profiles.

Date: 23 juli 2019 - 8:32

By: W Masters

Does anyone think the new website is better than the old one, because I donít!! The old one was so easy to use, just canít see why they would go with the new one??

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