Zoosk Review - Not quite a scam

Zoosk - Not quite a scam


I tried zoosk after I quit Sensual seekers. Not much better in many ways.

I dont feel i was scammed, but it it cost me $35 for an exploratory month sub. It took me a week to cancel that.

First, their matching system kept matching me with women that just didn't fit my interests, worse they were basically the same types....and none matched my saved search criteria.

Then i realised that i wasnt getting any responses to the messages i sent to those i sought out, maybe some were fakes or inactives, but i sent a lot of messages, all to different women, and nothing...now i dont expect to get a reply for every message, but you send enough messages and surely someone is going to say something eventually.

Then i realised that if they were not subscribed, they couldnt reply. i could find no way of determining if a member was subb'd or not, nor if they were active.

I need feedback, in fact...a dating site is about communication. Getting no response consistently feels, as i have said in another review, unnatural. I found it creepy, not to mention depressing.

So in less than a week, i have ditched zoosk and in their feedback form suggested they allow non-paying members one free response to each paid member, and some ways they could limit even that.

Seem to be at least a few real people on Zoosk.

their matching system is totally ineffective.

'free' members can't respond to messages.

Have to pay more on top of subscription to be able to find out if your messages are even being read.

no way i could find to determine if a member was free, or even active at all.

Inhibits communication, lowers expectations, raises frustration and feeling of isolation.

spectre202 does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family


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