YourSecretContact Review - Not a Genuine Site

YourSecretContact - Not a Genuine Site


My view is that all the contacts in this site are fake. They lead you on but you will never get to meet one. Responses are very evasive and have a similarity between them.

Frank Cart does NOT recommend YourSecretContact to friends/family


Date: 9 augustus 2017 - 18:29

By: Danny Sutton

Yes I feel the same evasive answers not giving area or suburb of residence when finally given its a country town
100s away

Date: 12 februari 2018 - 3:43

By: John Hill

Have to agree it's a fake site, always evasive and sure I've seen some pics on other sites. My camera is broken? Who owns a camera these days with smart phones. All refuse to use alternate free chat sites, only interested in milking your credits.

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