Victoria Milan Review - 100% Fake

Victoria Milan - 100% Fake


I'm surprised anyone would suggest this site is real. I got over 50 e-mails after months of nothing, no replies to any - what are the odds.

It's completely fake, the messages were largely the same.

Don't spend any money! Their should be more legal recourse for these scamming frauds.


Fake Profiles
Site design good intended to be misleading

Dave does NOT recommend Victoria Milan to friends/family


Date: 14 mei 2018 - 14:35

By: John22

I have tested and I can confirm that this site is a ripp off. All female profiles are fake, and they only try to get your credit card data.

I would not give them credit card numbers since the company is in Malta. There is no chance of refund in case of problem.

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