Sport42 Review - Looking for dancepartners in South Sweden

Sport42 - Looking for dancepartners in South Sweden


I´ve registered on the website and not payed for anything (coz if you pay in other than the local currency they appearently charge you double) meaning I could send mails, but not read them.
Dancing partner seeking that I am I cecked out the female profiles and quickly recieved several messages despite my remote location (local hub of 300.000). Unfortunately I couldn´t read them... anyway I sent out messages to all the girls that looked promising on their profiles and left my contacts. Shortly after that the bastards terminated my account. Bad losers, eh?

I do not know if anybody is going to read this - not speaking of this review changing anything about that shitty homepage - but it felt good to do write it down. Felt at least I bit I could stick it to them...^^

It cost´s money and the likelyness of your account getting terminated seems pretty high and you not getting anything out of it even higher

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