Sport42 Review - rip off?

Sport42 - rip off?


I haven´t tried this one (yet) but it looks like one of these pages described in previous posts.
they require you to pay before you supposedly can do anything and even if you pay you´re not sure if you´ll get any service or replies (a random lottery seems actually more lucrative)

oh yeah and: did I mention? I have not come across positive posts regarding sport42 that was not produced by them...

I´d go for it if they offered a trial period or som other kind of incentive, but this way everything about sport42 just screams "rip-off!!!"

usually you can find a pendant in your area that´s for free so i´d suggest to not waste your money with that

btw. I like this thread coz it doen´t require you register - good job mate ;)


you don´t know if you will ever get anything for your money

70871McCla does NOT recommend Sport42 to friends/family


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