SensualSeekers Review - Sensual Seekers is a site that dishonestly prays on males and dishonestly takes money for bogus profiles.

SensualSeekers - Sensual Seekers is a site that dishonestly prays o


Consistant with the information here and I went one step further to create another bogus profile and amazingly I have duplicated emails to both profiles at the exact same time but to both profiles.

My guess is that they have a host of eastern block women working for about 10dollars per hour just stealing and creating profiles and responding to emails. They are so stupid that they have people from Tasmania contacting people in Queensland for dates.

I believe that the ACCC should be involved in this deceptive and fraudulent operation who trades with bogus profiles of pictures stolen from facebook etc.

Some Russian is probably sitting back laughting. You have to agree that its quite well done up front and most seem genuine. I made a second profile with a bald guy with no legs 4'11" in a mobility bike and can get 50 emails a day. What I really object to are the granny pictures that could make you throw up.

Thieves and liars

Pieces of dog droppings.

Anonomous does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family


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