SensualSeekers Review - spend money for nothing

SensualSeekers - spend money for nothing


I was scammed by this site.. I spent heaps of money talking to a couple of women and everytime I gave the my phone number they said " I'd just rather stay here to get to know you better first" and then I got suspicious when I realised that 3 girls sent me the same message with the exact same come on line.. exact same words and everything.

and then I got the thinking... why are they all beautiful??? if this is a dating site then where are the ugly ones???

they are paid to just keep you chatting and making you spend money and they never want to meet up no matter how much they say they do.... biggest waste of time and money

biggest most expensive scam ever.. no wonder there are so many girls and no guys on the site.


many.. such an expensive scam

Myself does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family


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