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Secret SM Flirts and Sexcontacts

Looking for extreme contacts? Here at SecretSMcontact, everything is possible and as anonymous as you want it to be! You 'll find the most appealing women and men that suit your preference. New members are signing up everyday to find more adventure and passion in their lives. Life is short, so why not enjoy it! Make sure you don't miss out and sign up right now, here at SecretSMcontact.

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SecretSMcontact - Clear Scam


Spent two hours believing my loneliness was over and a thrilling new chapter in my life was about to begin. First suspicion was raised when I asked her to chat somewhere that didn't cost money and 'Sally' said "How about trying this site for awhile as I find it worth talking here?" But in my desperation to be happy, I let go of the thought pretty quickly. Then came the time to buy more credit and I noticed that the lowest payment option was now gone and that the £39.99 package was highlighted and the other options greyed out. That sent alarm bells ringing and I googled the site and came across these reviews. I noticed the timestamp discrepancies also.
I shared deep sexual fantasies with her (if it was a 'her'). She was quite good at what she did, only giving herself away when I backed her into a corner by asking to chat elsewhere. She even disapproved of one of the messages I sent her, staying true to the character set up in her bio. But when I look at our conversation as a whole, I see right through her.
I was only on the hook for two hours or so, and got off with having £4 stolen and a slight rattling (well worth it, for the experience it's given me). The thing is that I know that there are older and more vunerable gentlemen out there who would get absolutley destroyed by this site (people could commit suicide over something like this, if it got out of hand). As I look back on our conversation, it's clear these people are predators in the purest sense of the word. It's a shame I can't confront 'her' (?), as I'm obviously not buying more credit. I didn't realise these kinds of sites existed. I thought online dating scams where just people asking for you to send money. Thanks to all the above reviewers for helping me acknowledge the things I've noticed. My search for a good woman continues.

Racket is not too difficult to spot.

First they'll take your money, then they'll break your heart.

Jack does NOT recommend SecretSMcontact to friends/family

SecretSMcontact - to bad , alan is right


90% maybe scams , read Alan's review


scammer site

john does NOT recommend SecretSMcontact to friends/family

SecretSMcontact - Beware of this SCAM SITE


Many supposed contacts from ladies but that will only converse through the website..Needless to say you have to pay for every email sent.
Probably employees of the site employed to generate income from ghost contacts...Pity as these actions destroy trust and confidence.


Too expensive and you have to pay for every email you send

Alan does NOT recommend SecretSMcontact to friends/family

SecretSMcontact - Test2df3



SecretSMcontact - test review3


test 1234

Rutger does recommend SecretSMcontact to friends/family

SecretSMcontact - test review


test 123

Rutger does recommend SecretSMcontact to friends/family

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