Older Dating Agency Review - Not impressed

Older Dating Agency - Not impressed


Price for joining is incredibly expensive in comparison to other sites so expected a really high quality site. Most of those who contacted me appeared to be scammers or fake profiles. Interesting how someone sends a message or wink but when trying to view their profile or reply soon after (from ten minutes to an hour or so) they were no longer members.
They do vet profile info - I know this because they didn't appreciate anything negative mentioned about scammers etc i a member's profile and will advise as such. However when unsubscribing any negative comments are ignored and no feedback from them provided. I would never use this over priced site again and will never recommend it to anyone.

Loads of members , easy to navigate the site.

Much too expensive, too many scammers, poor service for the money.

Fed up does NOT recommend Older Dating Agency to friends/family


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