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Last updated: 1 augustus 2019
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Addicted to flirting? Then this is the place to you. Loveaholics doesn’t have a remedy for those that can’t stop flirting, but it sure offers a secure place for those who want to flirt with new people, without facing the problem of social awkwardness.

When you’re traveling, taking the bus, waiting for some, or simply getting bored at a course or meeting, one remedy for boredom is to flirt with random strangers. While Tinder is a great app for finding dates and liking photos, Loveaholics is the ideal app for those who want to send a quick and witty flirt to someone random.

CHOOSE THE ONES THAT SUIT YOUR DESIRES AND MEET MORE LOCAL SINGLES DAILY. You can purchase the app from Apple store or Google Play. Straightforward and well-designed, this app will get you flirting, and receive flirts, in no time. All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and the eagerness to start flirting. You just have to select your location, and a list of other users from your area will instantly appear on your smartphone.

Loveaholics has become one of the most popular and appreciated dating apps in Australia. More and more Aussies are downloading it, and enjoy a good flirt on it. Don’t waste time when you could be flirting with someone from your town. Download the app now! Who knows? Maybe you’ll screw some tonight.

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Loveaholics reviews (29):

Loveaholics - Fraud/Scam/Thieves/Liars


This site should be shut down. All of it is fake and run by unscrupulous lying scumbag thieves.
The profiles are fake, you sign up and money is stolen out of your account. Good luck dealing with their 'customer service' department. It is run by the same people messaging their phoney messages puporting to be real.
The profiles are stolen from REAL dating sites. They need to be shut down.

If being a thief and a liar and a fraudster is a pro then that's about it.

This is a scam designed to expolit the lonely. They should be in jail.

Steve does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - mr


how do I contact them if anyone knows the number please need to speak to them

deepesh does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - baddd


DOOOOONNNTTTT sign up!!!!!!

Full of scammers,

And when u ring up to cancel they will bullshit and convince u to take another 2 weeks free subscriptions, they will keep manipulating u about 3 times untill they will finally say in there words "okay after 3 attempts to say sorry after trying to reward u 2 weeks free subscription we will now cancel your membership" what a scam!

dont trust your bank details with them!


lee does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - Suspicions


In the last few months I have had a lot of spare time and have been checking out several dating sites and there is not one adult dating site I would pay to use.They pad out their site with a lot of false profiles and they are not even good at that.For example they showed the profile of someone who was supposed to be a slim 28 year old female but the picture was of a male nearer 70.Also it would appear that most of the women living in Ware have subscribed to the site.In conclusion I would advise giving the site a wide berth.Woud you knowingly give your credit card details to someone you didn't trust ?


As above

Keith does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - scam


this site is a scam they chat with you and try and con you to skyp. these girls are a fake and so is the site


rip you off

john does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - I want to unsubscribe Loveaholics !


What a scam !
Very expensive...
To unsusbcribe et stop paying every month, i asked Sos-internet (.com) doing all the stuffs for me... Good service. An d now...
I want stop all this bullshit !

Jake does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family



Absolutely the WORST “dating website” on the planet!!! Not only do these bastards rip you off to the point where you end up having to cancel your credit card, all of the “women” on this site are fucking scammers from Ghana, South Africa or Ukraine or WHEREVER … ANYWHERE but near YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, even though they all claim to be in your neighborhood!

I was an IDIOT & wasted $40 on this COMPLETELY WORTHLESS PILE OF CRAP!!! Now YOU have been warned … if you lose one red cent on this FUCKING CRAP web site then you’re a bigger idiot than I am! HYSTERICAL LOL!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely NONE!

Absolutely EVERYTHING!

Fred does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - SCAMMING SITES


As per Emily input 25 April 2014.
I never got the 3 day trial as I paid for full membership straight up,in good faith.
It is another "racket",I have tried many sites to try and find a partner.
This one is just pathetic,it's hard enough to dodge the scammers but,when the site is a scam,well,what chance do u have.
Most of the reviews in Australian based web search,have site reviews,the reviews are conducted by the sites,that own them.
e.g-A review of was that it is great,there is a class action in the USA against this fraudulent site
U Tube is a good source of a sites credibility,frankly they are all as a bad as each other.
I have tried for 2.5 Yrs to find someone who is real,spent a great deal of money and I consider myself a "good catch",but I haven't even had a reply from any women whom I would consider a match.
Many scammers ,as usual.


It's another scamming site,not worth involvement with as you get nohere and end up cancelling your credit card to stop the fraud.

PHIL C does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - Watch out for this website


I had quite negative experience using the Loveaholics dating website. I agreed to a three day trial membership and missed the very fine print that if you do not cancel it, it will automatically roll over into a Platinum Monthly Membership. I attempted to cancel this repeat subscription I had never intended to have and it takes you through a process where it says it will send you out a special cancellation code within the next hour and then you have 24 hours to use it to successfully cancel your membership. The problem is the email with the code never arrives. I requested it several times over a few days and received nothing. I checked my different spam and trash folders and it was not there either. At the same time, other emails from the site promoting it arrived without any problem. I contacted customer service and they told me they cannot cancel the account on my behalf and the only way is through that process and to check my spam folder. Very convenient for them. In the end, I thought it would be easier just to cancel my credit card as I did not want to waste any more of my time.

Save your time and trouble. Avoid this website! There are many others which do the right thing by their customers.


Operates like a scam. It does not allow you to opt out and cancel your membership!

Emily does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

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