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Last updated: 1 augustus 2019
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Addicted to flirting? Then this is the place to you. Loveaholics doesnít have a remedy for those that canít stop flirting, but it sure offers a secure place for those who want to flirt with new people, without facing the problem of social awkwardness.

When youíre traveling, taking the bus, waiting for some, or simply getting bored at a course or meeting, one remedy for boredom is to flirt with random strangers. While Tinder is a great app for finding dates and liking photos, Loveaholics is the ideal app for those who want to send a quick and witty flirt to someone random.

CHOOSE THE ONES THAT SUIT YOUR DESIRES AND MEET MORE LOCAL SINGLES DAILY. You can purchase the app from Apple store or Google Play. Straightforward and well-designed, this app will get you flirting, and receive flirts, in no time. All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and the eagerness to start flirting. You just have to select your location, and a list of other users from your area will instantly appear on your smartphone.

Loveaholics has become one of the most popular and appreciated dating apps in Australia. More and more Aussies are downloading it, and enjoy a good flirt on it. Donít waste time when you could be flirting with someone from your town. Download the app now! Who knows? Maybe youíll screw some tonight.

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Loveaholics reviews (29):

Loveaholics - Loveaholics SCAM SITE


Loveaholics is a scam site period. it is one of many operated by Bulover Invest, all profiles are "Fantasy Profiles" and not real, they are operated by staff of the site. The following sites will have all the same profiles on them.

All sites are the same and All share the same fake profiles.


Total Scam
Join and get lots of messages, but no replies not one.
Browse a profile and instant likes, winks and messages.
Never get a single reply to a message you initiate.

James does NOT recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - Great site for having fun


I do like benuaghty site and spend lots of time there chatting to sexy gals, laughing with peeps in chatrooms, reading naughty posts on forum, gazing at pics in the like gallery etc. I'm not looking for serious relations though had a few dates already. I think love and relations is somthing that you can't rush, only wait for and that's what I'm doing. So, chill out guys, everything's gonna be allright

Jim does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - something weird is going on here


I dunno maybe I'm just loser with ugly face but no body here wants to have something serious with. 2 dates it the maximum that I have had with one person from this site. All that they want just to play in the bad. It seem that this is the site for nymphomaniacs addicted to weird sex. I can tell that it awful but really strange. Maybe something wrong with my picture or something.

JustinB does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - Nice


Cool design, cool people on the site there is nothing else I can add to this. Just the best.

Stevie "D" does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - Thanks to the Gods these guys exist


Loveaholics definitely in my top 10 sites. when I don't have any relationships or I just want to cheat a little :-) I always get back to Loveaholics cos I've never been so successful anywhere else.

JoshuaColi does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - Den's Lovaholics review


I've been using the site for a month already and everything goes well so far. The main attraction of the site is its female users. They're cool, but I haven't met the girl of my dream here yet. So cross your fingers for me lol

Den does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - One of the best sites for me


I have never really believed in dating sites but after another break-up decided to try one. It must have been destiny that brought me to Loveaholics cause I liked this site from the first glance. At first I have some problems with payment though but then phones their hotline and a nice lady helped me to subscribe. Whithin 2 months on the site I had about 3 dates and then finally met my soulmate. her name is Jasmine and she was ont he site only for 2 days when whe started chatting! So now we're happy together. Hope I will never have to use Loveaholics again lol

Easy, fast, many beautiful women

Had payment problems at first

Steven does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - Great Experience


There are a lot of men contacted me from the first day being on the site. I have communicated with each of them than I choose the best. Now we are happy together

A lot of local users

Can't filter who can contact me

Amanty does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - Something good


So far I lie this site. Looking forward to spend a little more time here to make myself familiar with all members here. I would say so far it's a friendly piece full site with many normal girls on here not only that some of em willing to chat about anything so like this quality not only the siup so I feel home when I'm here already Hank's makers.

Supermax does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

Loveaholics - There is no way I will use any other site


Ofc I can't tell you that this site is the best one in the universe. As anything that has been created by human from the matirials provided to us by the mother earth it simply cannot be perfect even theoretically. So I feel that the God cheated us on the stage of the creation by living us with the idea of the perfect creation ans without any possibility to do so. Hate him for that! About the creations, I should admit that the loveaholics is my passion I think that it's also pretty obvious that I've bad times on it but I returned each time after short "vacation". Sometimes I have a feeling that this website is some kind of drugs that make you love them and feel yourself crappy without them.

Nice search engine, lots of women in New Jersey, even without paid susbcription I've been able to speak with members in the chatrooms, and yeap they have really cool chatrooms, site decked with good colors that don't making me sick of them.

Slow messenginbg system (or it's mine PC i don't know exactly)

Harry does recommend Loveaholics to friends/family

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