Hot Local Flirts Review - Hotlocal flirts scam.

Hot Local Flirts - Hotlocal flirts scam.


A dating site that is geared to sell credits which you need to make contact.The date usually answers your question with a question thus prolonging the use of credits at near $3-00 per one way session.
It is clear that the potential dates are photos that HLF have gathered thus you never get past credit sessions.
proof of the scam. Aleah1966 and Reeannon and Mmmmeeghan are the same person.

You can look at lots of pictures but you will never meet any one. Fall in to the trap and pay for lots of their credits.

I have done a detailed report to the authorities.ACORN Report submission ARN-G734-URTD

Every picture seems to bea con.

Frank Fall does NOT recommend Hot Local Flirts to friends/family


Date: 7 januari 2019 - 12:10

By: Thorn

Thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated.

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