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I've probably spent 2000 bucks on the site its free to join but costs 25 for 10 messages and no one wants to use email but only on the site I've spoken with girls there for 2-3 months and they never want to meet I've never met anyone there they admit to having some fake profiles that you can't meet as far as I'm concerned its all fake stay away also you can't even contact support at all that's gotta be a bad sign

Plenty of supposed hot girls that you never know where they live

Can't contact support
I haven't met anyone there
They admitted there are some fake profiles that you can't meet
Its a real money maker for the owners

Tony does NOT recommend Hot Local Flirts to friends/family


Date: 14 juli 2019 - 12:08

By: r jennings

on this website 6 months no one wants to meet at a restarant many fake profiles tricking men to contact women wanting to just chat spend thousand dollars got no where so deleted account no use joining this site to meet chat to anonymous people who vnever weant to meet waste of money and time

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