Fuck Buddies Australia Review - Fuck Buddies Australia = Fake buddies AU

Fuck Buddies Australia - Fuck Buddies Australia = Fake buddies AU


The the site have a small number of profiles, hardly any content on the site. Profiles are pretty simple and boring.

If you live outside of a large city forget about it, there are only a handful of outdated profiles.

You occasionally get broadcast messages from site users (which I think are system generated. There is basically never a reply to your messages, which probably indicates the blokes outnumber the chicks by 100 to 1. Also most of the ladies are older, quite a few BBWs.

The search tools are terrible. There are some real people on the site, but not many. Most of the real players are either desperate or looking to find more kinky partners for group sex.

The site also signs up members from partner sites and shares the user database. So you mostly end up talking to someone who is not looking for a "fuck buddy".

A distracting waste of time

Fake and old/dead profiles

Marty does NOT recommend Fuck Buddies Australia to friends/family


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