Bangaroo Babes Review - Absolutely bogus

Bangaroo Babes - Absolutely bogus


Also received the texts, from very hot young chicks to @ 67yo.....derrrr.
Found dual profiles fairly quickly - same picture, different name and location.
Found the language used in many texts and messages was strained, not Aussie. Then discovered that multiple profiles (2/3/4) with text numbers were operated from the same number - probably in a call centre somewhere. I found 50 of these numbers before I stopped trying. In short, no evidence of a genuine woman on the site over an 8 week period. They may be there, but I didn't find them. Don't waste your time or money.


Everything is false

Johisland does NOT recommend Bangaroo Babes to friends/family


Date: 25 juni 2015 - 22:55

By: Andrew Dowling

Yes this site is a definite con. No women real. Pleanty contact you but none will meet you its all bullshit. Txts and not Aussie people weird not normal

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