Bangaroo Babes Review - Absolute SCAM site

Bangaroo Babes - Absolute SCAM site


After being on it for 2 days, I've had 5 'ladies' sms me, all urging me to text them back (and 3 of them saying white guys turn them on, I know no Aussie chicks that would say a stupid line like that). Not wanting to purchase credits, I just tried calling the number, its disconnected... Tried from a different phone, still disconnected. So I went into the technical support live chat, I asked them what the GO was with all the fake profiles, they copied and pasted some user agreement crap that had nothing to do with them using fake profiles, and closed the chat session, not allowing me to open again. Absolute total scam site. Stay away....

Great if you only wanna look at photos of hot chicks

Total crap if you think you might actually hook up with one.

Michael does NOT recommend Bangaroo Babes to friends/family


Date: 29 november 2015 - 20:24

By: Max

The site is bullshit along with milfoholics! I just started receiving the exact same message (not a pre written flirt) from different women from the two sites.
When I changed my profile to say the site was bullshit they approved it.
Just a money grabber. Be warned. Stay away from bangaroobabes and milfoholics.
Both scams

Date: 26 april 2016 - 17:41

By: Matt

Absolute fake. Why is it not taken down already ? They are their to encourage you to purchase tokens to send text messages at 2 tokens per message whilst hiding both parties numbers. ($20 / 100 tokens). I have conversational evidence that the responses from one profile has been sent by several different people. I've been taking the piss out of them calling the site a scam and they are still nice as pie to me lol. As soon as you ask to meet up the conversation stops. I offered free dinner, lunch, drinks to anywhere they wanted.....nothing. I believe all the profile pics are stolen from snapchat database as it suggest nude snapchats when you first introduced to the site. I discovered there is an app where you can retrieve previous snaps from any user name. They obviously fish for the naughty ones to create these juicy profiles. Also snapchat was (allegedly) hacked, a guy stole all the photos and said it was a hoax. Was it?

Date: 3 juli 2019 - 12:02

By: Lester

Ýes it is a fake money ripping site
I chatted with 3 girls posed to be from Tamworth and none of them could name any streets in Tamworth so I can cluded the whole thing was fake and a rip off

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