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Adult Match Maker - AMM


Possibly (?) the best know adult site.. at least they are big enough to advertise on late night tv. I'm a normal/average looking guy with a good paying job and can offer decent conversation, but I found this site very much hard work. The women are mostly all legit, that's the good news compared to other scam/bot sites. However the guys must outnumber them 100 to 1 (at least) and thus the women have *all* the power here, and they know it. Having said that I've had a few meetings, but it took uncountable rejections (some quite nasty) and knock-backs to get those. One of those ladies was truly great (although we didn't feel a spark physically but have stayed friends), so some fine women can be found here, but it really is a needle in a huge gnarly ego-crushing haystack. Although a few ladies like it in-their-face, a lot have to put up with innumerable dick-picks, so my advice would be to show a little bit of class and you'll probably get further than the average neanderthal type guy that apparently dominates this site. Overall this site could be described as 'seldom has so much sex been offered by seemingly so many to apparently so few'. Unless you have Hollywood looks and a male stripper body be prepared for a load of rejections on this site. Persistence can pay off, but it's not easy, and I'd probably recommend other sites (Oasisactive etc) if you are just looking got quick/fun action since the women there don't have the same delusions of grandeur as they do on AMM, so are more open to chatting to the average guy


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