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SecretLoveService - total scam site


Like many of the above responses, it is a scam site. I joined up, got 10 or 11 messages straight away, paid for credit, and they just talk crap. i'm in Queensland, and going through the list of Queensland women with photos, at least 50 % of them are from other sites, many on scam warner sites. not 1 of those women would leave the site for the reasons mentioned above, don't feel safe, wants to stay here chatting, don't have skype, yahoo, messenger and the like. asked details or where many of them are, only one said she was in Rockhampton, the rest wouldn't respond to that question at all. even the way they chatted sure didn't sound like an aussie girl at all. you will never see one of them on cam either, all of them either said they want to see a photo first, or no cam, or cam does not work. Or they ignored the question completely. as soon as your credit is out, the messages stop until you put more credit on. Way to expensive as well. I have better luck on Tagged. I suspect if you did post a photo for them it would be used in a fake male profile. give this site a wide berth.


never get to see anybody
they will keep you chatting about shit to use all your credits
50% of photos from other sites, check them out on google images
all refuse to move off site for chat or cam
many will ignore questions about location

vegewill does NOT recommend SecretLoveService to friends/family

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