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Last updated: 24 augustus 2018
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Sensual Seekers - Lonely women seeking sensual flirts

Sensual Seekers - Lonely women seeking sensual flirts

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SensualSeekers reviews (26):

SensualSeekers - Just A Scam


girls give false pretence in there profile they want to meet a man asap but when you replied they want to take time. plus they reply within 5min very suspicious especially working hrs. when you asked even for coffee/drinks they declined which means they are not real nor local nor even women. could be guy in Amsterdam replying.
So stay away coz it's a Big Fat Scam enticing men to waste credits when there's a cheaper way to communicate via viber or whats app or webcam.



Con does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - What a con


this site is so annoying and untrue there's noway this is real , for a start the women that respond are a cross the other side of the country, some of their profile photos have been taking off the net ie porn stars the women that respond are nothing like what you are looking for ie looks,age,city ect
never again !!!



Jack does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Big liars and scam


I came for curiosity , I received in one month maybe 1000 messages from women’s asking for meet me and telling me , they are dreaming with me

What a joke !!!

They ask for buy credits to get contact

Is embarrassing the ICCC still don’t close this joke



Jhonny does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Sensual Seekers is a total scam


This is the most disgraceful site.
They basically sell nude photos for a credit.
You never meet anyone ever.

Firstly they monitor your favorites and they try to send profiles to entice you to buy credits. You send them a contact number to call you to meet up.
Women stating that they really want you and then use excuses such as:
1. I don't have a mobile. Who doesn't have a mobile when they have put up a picture using a mobile
2. They will respond but will always try to answer with a question so to try to make you use more credits no matter what
3. The women send you a nude photo if you have paid credits to try to keep you paying more
4. They never ring you ever
5. They always say I want to chat more if you send them contact details. Well, you can chat on a mobile
6. They try to act dumb and if you have sent them a number and ask to call you they will respond with I don't give out my email. Dahhh you never even asked for an email and you asked them to call you using your number
7. They rotate people around the clock on the same profile. I found that when questioned on why the conversation had totally changed they sent back giberish as if they had been busted.
8. Tested the site with a secondary profile and the exact same scammers were sending messages to me when I had set my age and profile to a fictitious person to see how bad the scam was. The details were polar opposite.
9. They are basically selling nudes photos under the pretence of being a legitimate dating site.
10. Women that call you darling or sweetheart are the staff monitoring the profiles.
11. They monitor your credits and try to get you to use them up as soon as possible.

There is more but this site is a total disgrace. Should be forced to be locked out of the Australian IP ranges.


If you want to pay for nude photos then you are better off hiring a porno

There is no dating on credit purchase ripoffs

The T's and C's state they will fight any claim that they are frauds. They use the word fight because it is a scam that the law does not protect against.

The law should make dating sites illegal without the entry of a drivers license which forces an age and location match. Credit cards mean nothing. They can be stolen.
They should also make it illegal for brothel owners to run dating sites as they just use the girls that work there as free bait for the scam.

Anonymous does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - total scammers


Total con job; tried it once with credits. Any questions I rated not answered they then wanted non related questions replied to to get the credits used up. One claimed to b living in the inner city inMelbourne where I was and wanted to go for walks through the forests as there were plenty around only forests in Sth Yarra are high rises. All designed to keep you using credits. Funny ay one stage over 50 replies from those living in an adjacent suburb; funny that suburb only exits as a post code!!!! Responses all one line sentences funny that, none relating to my profile. All sorts of reasons put up for not meeting, even though "Oh I need you right now" of a sudden lets chat here for a thanks. Total scammers.

none just try professionally looks to constantly suck males in through bombarding with these "desperate" women who don't exist when tit comes to the crunch

A total Con is based in Holland what can we expect!

robbie does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Fantasy Con


The terms and conditions on this site spell out the danger - it is a fantasy site so DO NOT expect to find anybody real.
I set out some specific questions. HUNDREDS of "responses" (really - HUNDREDS) with quite specific proposals but NOT A SINGLE ONE answered the specific profile questions and some were very clearly the exact opposite of what I "suggested" - and just to try - I did get VERY specific.
Profiles are so obviously fake - simple things like have you got tattoos? Answer - no. Photo with rather obvious tats! Profile for an older person (like 50 - 60) with a HOT babe - like 25 - 35. No cosmetic surgery is that good!
When they ran out of profiles "local" they went for profiles from distant places - though I was specific about local!
First they tried profiles with really HOT babes. Fake. Then they went for older, then quite ugly - looking for a hit. Now it is ugly and distant! I wonder who wrote the algorithm that picks a profile and adds text for a message? Not even creative!
I tried the site for fun - the responses very clearly indicated that the profile had not been seen from a multitude of "responses" - NOT EVEN ONCE!
Now beyond a joke and the "responses" are now more nightmare than fantasy.
If you suggest something like fantasy in the profile - it is deleted....
Go there to stroke your fantasy ego (at least for a while) - nothing else - DO NOT BUY CREDITS. Simple ripoff is what will happen.



Fred does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family




Another give away is that I have been told while communicating with a lady I should now go to bed as it is late- AT 10 AM Melbourne time????


See above

BASSIE does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Sensual seekers is a scam


After nearly 1000 messages & selecting a number of what appeared to be higher quality ladies, I have spent nearly $500 and no dates.
It has now become obvious because of the following points that the ladies are not real.
The english language is terrible for nearly every reply & some are so bad I did not know what they said, obviously asian or other nationalities replying.
A lot of ladies said they searched on this web site for people in my suburb and hence wrote to me, but they do not provide that service!
Every reply is a quick one of usually just 1 to 2 lines. Even if I plead for them to answer my questions I rarely got an answer until I had sent numerous emails.
They always evaded my questions and would send a reply which would be often irrelevant but requiring me to answer, so the emails would keep flowing.
With many who said they would like to meet or have sex straight away they would always make some excuse when I suggested a place/time.
When asked if they would email me direct or talk by phone because it was expensive using credits, they would say no it is what they want to do.
A number of ladies said they were coming to visit the local community centre in my suburb, or had previously visited it - only trouble is there is NO community centre!


See above

Bassie does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - BIG FAT SCAM


i just got to the site and i got around 30 messages in my inbox ...most of them from my area of them i am copy pasting..

""Maura-1 2 hours ago
I have been so very bad! I've ben thinking about you the whole day. I even fingered myself while thinking about you.

I was thinking how it would feel like when i would have your dick in my mouth and how you would grab the back of my head and slowly pushed my face deeper and deeper around your dick.. Until my eyes began to cry.. Not of pain but of joy!

Pff i would really love to do that in real life sometimes.. wouldn't you?"""
What a joke..Guys don't get scammed its your hard earned money..better go pay someone real..

naked picks send to you without you asking for it..

Waste of fucking time and money

jim does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - Wasted my Time


Sensual Seekers is just as the others have said. A big scam.

Since when are there over 1000 women in my suburb who are into me, no profile pic, I hardly even filled in the bio.

I can't even get a date on any other legitimate website when apparently I have can over a 1000 in about a week on Sensual Seekers.

Do NOT plunge any money into this scam.

Free pics sent to you instantly upon signing up

Apparently every single woman who lives in my suburb wants me yet I don't see them knocking on my door

Drew B does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

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