SensualSeekers Review - Just read the review and pay attention ;)

SensualSeekers - Just read the review and pay attention ;)


Well, at first SS seemed ok, got plenty of hits, spent a weekend first screening out those who obviously didn't read my profile page. then tried to message a few prospects, instant demand for money.

Ok, so I tried to buy three credits, each of which is one message. SS wouldn't accept my card, possibly a good thing.

Got hardcore (security context not sexually) on my profile and the messages sent to me, screened again for obvious scammers.

Read terms and conditions...where I found in section 8 their disclaimer on 'Fantasy Profiles' (to encourage socializing, and conduct social research?!)

Realized that anyone that I may spend cash to contact could be a fake bot.

Soooo, I have adjusted my profile to aggressively screen out bots where possible, provided a secure email address just for SS, so any real ladies can contact me for a face to face midday coffee in a public space.

I'll keep an eye on that and see how it goes, but to be honest, paying per message when a bunch of them will be 'fantasy profiles' really gets to me (i cant verify, but of over 500 messages, only about 100 felt remotely real, and of them only about 20 showed any signs of having read my profile).

Maybe if they refunded money spent on contacting their fakes it would feel less like a scam...

none that are concrete

Ohh, actually, i have spent most of the weekend kacking myself laughing at the number of contacts that claimed they contacted me because of the effect my profile picture had on them...i don't post pictures of myself online ever...

costs money per message.
Uses 'fantasy profiles' that will only frustrate and mislead you. check section 8 of terms and conditions ;D

spectre2020 does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family


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