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Last updated: 4 januari 2019
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Getting bored on a week night? Are you looking to chat with interesting people, or flirt with gorgeous women or handsome men? At FlirtFair, hot singles are waiting and are eager to get to know you. This is the number one chat and dating site in Australia.

The best part about it is that it is absolutely free to join, and you will surely find a sex buddy, whether you are living in the countryside or in overcrowded Sydney. At FlitFair, you will find a multitude of chat rooms based on location, passion, and sexual orientation. The possibilities are limitless on this great chat platform.

Each day, thousands of Aussies are signing in on FlirtFair trying to make their nights more interesting, both online and in the real world. Here, you will find gorgeous women and attractive men looking for a flirt, a date or casual sex in their area.

Moreover, FlirtFair has an international network in the Anglo-Sphere. So, you can also check their services and find someone when traveling to the UK, Canada or New Zeeland.

Completely Free, FlirtFair has brought a little joy to many when wanting an online friend or a fuck buddy. Join now and start meeting new, interesting people.

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Hits: 319

URL: http://www.flirtfair.com.au/

Recommended: 20%

Categories: Casual Dating

Reviews: 3

FlirtFair reviews (3):

FlirtFair - flirtfair.com is a definite scam


Tried to cancel my membership 3 times, got no response. I cancelled my c/c as I had an idea about what they would do, and I was right. They tried billing my c/c for more money and when they got none they started sending threatening emails. I've now had to change my email address as their emails come every 7 days with the latest threatening legal action. Steer clear of them, they are nothing more than scammers.


Yoo many to list

Ronnie does NOT recommend FlirtFair to friends/family


FlirtFair - Be warned


These people give you a 3 day trial then take money out of your account without your permission and will keep taking more and more from you till you have to close that account to stop it. They then send you threatening emails about debt collectors coming.
The girl in there are paid by the company and ask you the same questions over and over no matter which girl you talk to
There is never any meet up as the girls are not real they are paid employees of the company
As the last guys review said never join this beast they are not trust worthy
My new goal is to earn as many people as I can about this



Trevor does NOT recommend FlirtFair to friends/family


FlirtFair - its a ripof fsite


be very wary here folks.they refuse contact after taking the money.they are a ripoff advise i have HAD TO CANCEL MY CARD TO STOP ANY MORE PAYMENT TO THEM. DONT JOIN IS BEST.

joblow does NOT recommend FlirtFair to friends/family


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