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SensualSeekers - Sensual Seekers and Other Scam Sites How to avoid


I've done the various sites free, and was lucky/smart enough to have the sense to google reviews on most of the websites before I took a free membership or a 3 day pass.

After seeing all the scam reports I decided to have some fun and learn a bit about the sites, how they operate, and how to access them without risking getting ripped off.

I found quickly that a few simple safety rules can help to avoid getting ripped off on you personal credit card and will share them.

Any site that does not allow payment with PayPal will be a scam that intends to syphon your card. If you do join a site with paypal, make sure that you have it set up so that every transaction must be authorised by you personally , and not as an automatic deduction without authorisation.

PayPal has a refund policy that they use to protect their reputation. Use it someone does manage to charge you extra.

HookUp IDs, MeetUp IDs (Various Names) are a Scam. No company can legally offer a safe person pass just based on a ID Card. No company outside Australia can offer you any sort of pass with any legal standing in Australia.

Only the Police and Government legally conduct checks on people in Australia - They take up to six months as a minimum, let alone the 2 minutes from your credit card details scammers promise - and only your employer can initiate a clearance in Australia, not you as a person just seeking one.

No company outside Australia can access any of the databases used by authorities for conduct safe worker checks. When they say they need Credit Card details to verify your age is over 18 - Think about it - How? As I understand People under 18 can legally have a credit card or Visa Debit Card in Australia. Banks are never going to give them your personal details. They are already facing so much shit from the Banking Royal Commission, they would not be game to make it worse for themselves. They only need your credit card details to rip you off.

Pre-paid visa gift cards - These are available in $50, $100, $200 values and can be used anywhere in Australia. I use them for Family Gifts and most transactions I conduct shopping on the internet. I have used the $50 gift card to get 3-day passes on some sites, but plan my access in advance. I make a purchase on something I need to reduce the card balance to $20 or less, then use the card to gain the 3 or 4 short passes for sites I want to check out.

Once the card balance reached zero, they cannot access any more funds.

Any website that will not accept the Visa Gift card you just don't touch at all - Period.

Auto response software bots are very smart now. If you are chatting with a girl, always ask direct questions such as clarifying their general location, or ask a question about the location. If they come back as if they have not even read your question, then you can say with about 99% certainty it is a bot. Next test is to block them. Bots still seem to be able to send you messages / mails after you block them.

If you are just looking for a bit of fun, and not desperate to get a date, The only website I found any satisfaction at was a WebCam site called MyFreeCams. It is free honest chat not just with the girls, but with anyone else in the room.

Be careful, Do your homework - don't get scammed

Pre-paid Visa Gift cards are a safe way to buy products and services online without exposing your personal Credit Card. Get the balance down low before you use the card on any dating site and you will only risk loss of a small amount (<$10) before it runs out.

If you want a date, try chatting up the single girls working on the supermarket checkouts, or get a pet dog. Most of the single girls I have dated or made friends with were done that way.

Almost every dating site is a scam, or has a high percentage of scammers, because sex sells.

If the site is not based in Australia, you should always assume there is a scam.

If they insist on credit card details it is to rip you off - Don't cry if you were silly enough to give them the details.

George Wil does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

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Date: 6 mei 2018

By: George Willy

Comment on: Sensual Seekers and Other Scam Sites How to avoid getting ripped Off.

Just to clarify, In the PRO's The reference to getting a pet dog is not to abuse it - Get a pet dog and take it for walks. You might be surprised the number single women (or guys) you will meet at dog parks on the beach, in the hills or at organised dog walks. I have, without prior intention, met and dated a few awesome ladies that way.