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I know that you might be wondering why someone as beautiful as myself be on a dating site. We I am here because I am tired of being neglected and not given the amount of satisfaction that I need. I always tend to fall for older men which have never worked out for me in the past, so then I decided to try someone a bit younger maybe around 35 years old. Do you think that you can give me all that I need? Or should I just come over and prove that for myself?.

this was a message I received from "Victoria" age 30.. I am aged 35.

wants a younger man that is 5 years older than her stated age???????

this is the kind of B***S**t computer generated nonsense that this site has... it is totally fake.

don't waste your money like many other guys before you

Myself does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

SensualSeekers - spend money for nothing


I was scammed by this site.. I spent heaps of money talking to a couple of women and everytime I gave the my phone number they said " I'd just rather stay here to get to know you better first" and then I got suspicious when I realised that 3 girls sent me the same message with the exact same come on line.. exact same words and everything.

and then I got the thinking... why are they all beautiful??? if this is a dating site then where are the ugly ones???

they are paid to just keep you chatting and making you spend money and they never want to meet up no matter how much they say they do.... biggest waste of time and money

biggest most expensive scam ever.. no wonder there are so many girls and no guys on the site.


many.. such an expensive scam

Myself does NOT recommend SensualSeekers to friends/family

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Date: 11 maart 2018

By: Myself

Comment on: What a con

I got a message from "DomesDenise" I know her from a previous job.. I ran into her and hit on her because I always liked her.... she didn't know what I was talking about whin I talked about the sit and I showed her the messages with her picture and she was disgusted... they took her profile photo and photoshopped a naked body underneath... totally took both of us for a fool