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Loveaholics - Thanks to the Gods these guys exist


Loveaholics definitely in my top 10 sites. when I don't have any relationships or I just want to cheat a little :-) I always get back to Loveaholics cos I've never been so successful anywhere else.

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Loveaholics - There is no way I will use any other site


Ofc I can't tell you that this site is the best one in the universe. As anything that has been created by human from the matirials provided to us by the mother earth it simply cannot be perfect even theoretically. So I feel that the God cheated us on the stage of the creation by living us with the idea of the perfect creation ans without any possibility to do so. Hate him for that! About the creations, I should admit that the loveaholics is my passion I think that it's also pretty obvious that I've bad times on it but I returned each time after short "vacation". Sometimes I have a feeling that this website is some kind of drugs that make you love them and feel yourself crappy without them.

Nice search engine, lots of women in New Jersey, even without paid susbcription I've been able to speak with members in the chatrooms, and yeap they have really cool chatrooms, site decked with good colors that don't making me sick of them.

Slow messenginbg system (or it's mine PC i don't know exactly)

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