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BeNaughty - is an ABSOLUTE FAKE website.


Review: is an ABSOLUTE FAKE website. I am saying this after using it for a month which I started as a trial package and never wanted to continue BUT one monthly subscription was DEDUCTED FRAUDULENTLY from my credit card and even refused to return the money later on.

This website is full of WEB CAM SPAMMERS and I have not been able to find a single legi profile NOT even a single profile.
Because I am on some other adult dating websites, I was shocked to learn that Profiles on are ALL fake as they only use pictures of their fake members saved from other websites AND POOR girls have no clue that their identity is being stolen... will is an IDENTITY THEFT website.

Also, without ones knowledge be will add your profile to which is again fake...... So in totality this website makes you wander around and around to different sites till you give up.... NOT a single hook up because not a single legit profile..... Spam spam and just Cam-spam...........

To fetch you in to pay, you will receive a lot of winks and messages in starting from different girls and once you paid you realise the reality behind the curtains......

Not a single Pros to write.....

Fake, full of spammers, identity theft, misleading...... Can't find more synonyms..... But definitely pays Google a lot of money from spam, so when you search this will pop up on top first...... Just spam.... Beaware and don't loose your money ......

ROCK does NOT recommend BeNaughty to friends/family

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